Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catholic News-Sunday Afternoon (6-22-2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION SF Catholic Charities: A Who's Who of Homosexual Marriage - CCD The Situation in Gaza - Irene Lagan, Inside Catholic Phoenix Newspaper: Latin Mass "Boring" - Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS Let God be the Boss - Fr. Philip Powell, Domine da mihi hanc aquam Latin Hymns for the Liturgy of the Hours - Gregor Kollmorgen, NLM Cardinal Ruini Bids Goodbye - Argent, by the Tiber Uncle Walter Appears As An Angel Of Light - VSC, Cthlc Cavemen 'Gay Marriage' Ruling May Aid McCain - Marelius/Ainsworth, SDUT Tiananmen Crackdown: Catalyst for Christian Boom - Chi Trib Bonus Commentary: New English Roman Mass Translation - Christopher Zehnder, CCD Christ, King, & Priest Forever - St. Faustinus, Argent by the Tiber Bonus News: Catholic Church Celebrating 'Gay' Pride - Jeff Miller, Curt Jester Bonus Apologetics: Why Do Catholics Pray to Mary? - BFHU, The Black Cordelias Questions of the Day: What Happened to Thomas More's Kids? - Rich Leonardi, 10 Rsns How to Increase Participation in the Latin Mass - Rorate Cæli Religious Commentary: Young Brit Muslims Turning to Extremism - Patrick Sawer, Tlgrph Obama Bows to Muslim Demands - Austin Hill, Townhall Muslim Refuses Shake, Loses Prize - Foley/Tighe, Times Secular Commentary: Obama the Sell-Out - Rick Moran, American Thinker Conservatives’ GOP Anger May Be Downfall - Jim Kouri, CFP Sarkozy Muscles Up French Military - Christopher Dickey, Newsweek (Biretta Tip: Lucianne)


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