Monday, March 17, 2008

Barack Obama's Downfall

We have all become quite aware of Barack Obama's close association with his 'spiritual advisor' Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago's most politically powerful church and center of the Chicago African-American community. Jeremiah Wright has condemned America for being a racist country run by rich white people that created and spread AIDs in order to punish black people. Barack Obama's 'spiritual advisor' Jeremiah Wright also blamed the United States for 9/11 among other colorful rhetoric, epitaphs, and analogies that demean people of light complexion. So what does all this mean? Well we've come to understand that Barack Obama was unaware of Jeremiah Wrights bigotry and racism so he has distanced himself from his comments (not necessarily the man himself he made clear). So the 'mainstream media' have gone lock in step to say that Barack Obama shouldn't be held responsible for words he did not say. Forget the fact that Barack Obama was married by Jeremiah Wright to the future Michelle Obama and had his two daughters baptized by Jeremiah Wright in addition to attending this 'church' for some 20 years. I'm sure George W. Bush wish he had that kind of pass when he gave a speech to Bob Jones University though he never attended the University, nor had a spiritual advisor from there, nor been married there and not had his two daughter baptized by anyone associated with Bob Jones University. Despite the 'mainstream media' being felt to be 'forced' to cover their shining knights 'spiritual advisor', Barack Obama will not get a pass from the American electorate. Especially those that actually believe in Jesus Christ, attend church each Sunday, and practice their faith once most of them finish learning more about Barack Obama's close ties with this hate-mongering preacher called Jeremiah Wright. America will not be fooled by the 'mainstream medias' spinning of this story. The contrasts between this and Bush in 2000 will come back to bite the media and remind God fearing Americans that even though (for the sake of argument) Barack Obama may not hold the same views as Jeremiah Wright, he did attend the church willingly and 'faithfully' for political expediency, ie, Illinois State Senate, and to receive his 'black' credentials, ie, forget the fact that I (Barack Obama) never knew what it means to be black while growing up in Hawaii and abroad. As Spengler of the Asia Times says...
It is possible that because of the Wright affair Obama will suffer for what he pretended to be, rather than for what he really is.
Peter Wehner of the National Review wrote a very succinct article concerning the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his close association with Barack Obama. Here are some highlights from his article: 1. This is the worst crisis the Obama campaign has faced. It has done deep and perhaps long-term damage by calling into question the judgment and credibility of the junior senator from Illinois. And it badly undermines Obama’s claim that he is a figure who can bind up America’s racial wounds. 2. Senator Obama, whose campaign only last year said that he was “proud of his pastor and his church,” is now saying that he wasn’t aware of the angry, reckless, anti-American, and racially divisive comments by Reverend Wright. But that claim stretches credulity. Reverend Wright, after all, is not a stranger who is offering up a presidential-year endorsement. Wright has instead played a pivotal role in Obama’s life — including marrying Barack and Michelle Obama, baptizing their two children, and inspiring the title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope. 3. Reverend Wright’s toxic comments may help us better understand the remarks by Michelle Obama that she is proud of America for the first time in her adult life only now that her husband is running for president and that she considers America to be a “outright mean” nation. 4. Senator Obama and some of his supporters have made the plea that he not be made “guilty by association.” What people are asking for is not guilt but responsibility by association — especially an association this long, this deep, this important. 5. We actually have an example of how the MSM plays the “guilt by association” card when it comes to certain political and religious figures. In the 2000 campaign George W. Bush spoke once at Bob Jones University; it was an event used to bludgeon Bush with for the rest of the campaign and into his presidency. And, of course, Bush did not attend Bob Jones University, financially support it, or consider Bob Jones to be his spiritual mentor or close friend for 25 years. Yet these things mattered not at all. Bush spoke at Bob Jones University — and so to many in the press, he was joined at the hip with it. The association between Reverend Wright and Senator Obama is far deeper in every respect. For Peter Wehner of the National Review's article click
here. For Spengler of the Asia Times click here. (Biretta Tips: American Thinker & RealClearPolitics)


Anonymous said...

I Voted For Hilary Clinton
But camparing Jeremiah Wright to John McCain Minister ,,You
Can not compare,,, John McCain,, the minister he know just gave him Money,,he does not Go to his church,,, He did not Baptise john McCain kids,,, he is not on John McCain Campaign,, Just gave John McCain money,,, to compare him with Jeremiah Wright is something the Media, and the Obama Camapaign,, doing,,Barack Obama Has a Racist man who worked on his Campaign,, Jeremiah Wright, ,, who helped Barack with the title of his book,,, who baptise his kids, Barack Obama Miinister, gave Louis Farrahkan life time achievement award, ,,, Barack Obama who went to this Racist mans church,,, for 20 years,

Whats even sad is Barack Obama, followers don’t even Care, He can run over a person right now ,,, and people will still follow him,,, but one thing is for certain Barack no matter what, just lost this election,,, even if he wins the primary,,, from Hilary,,, Barack can not win a big state, Hilary followers will not back Barack Obama,,, just like if Hilary wins the primary,,, Barack Obama followers will not back Hilary ,,,,,
Obama is definitely Not Muslim, but he is a closet Racist, who employed a racist,, of all Racist, ,,,,, he is done
Watch Obama weblink

Being Anti-Catholic is a form of segregation (the only legal one in America)..(in reference to the John Hagee (or whatever his name is for McCain)

But that has nothing to do with my omment...I wouldn't go so far as calling him a racist, but I would call him blind to the obvious.

Tito said...

Yeah, I don't believe Obama is a racist, but he certainly is an opportunist.

Anonymous said...

I think the media has done great misjutice to Rev. Wright and his church Trinity. The Pastor was invited and pictured at the White House during Clinton's adminisration. CNN is finally releasing the full sermon (40 minutes) in context instead of the 10 sec. sound bytes that they ran along with Fox for 2 weeks straight. When heard in context it makes more sense as a lot of bloggers; White and Black agree. They were harsh words but not racist words. This was all they could find although he has been preaching for 36 years three sermons every Sunday and all the sermons were available via CD and tape. I watched Trinity online today, just so I could see and the Church was packed; both Black and a sprinkle of Whites. A white man joined along with a lot of Blacks. I am willing to bet that these are not the Black people out robbing and gangbanging. So what's the problem. The sermon was different about Thugs going to heaven or something. But he got animated as well and one could have said he was harsh. But he even stated in the sermon this is how our church does it!

But I'll leave the link for whoever is interested. I think Obama may be the only hope for peace in this country. There are still too many questions about 911 which the minister spoke of, and the HIV thing was because of the Government injecting syphilis into Black men in the 60s, the Tuskegee Experiment. So, put in context harsh but not racist. He is owed an apology, or maybe he should sue the media for defemation of character or something. Also, I visited and it shows what the media does just to sway votes. It's terrible.

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