Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cardinal Mahony Honors Heretic Nun

His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles honored the notorious heretic nun, Sister Edith Prendergast at a gala dinner event for the 'Religious Education Congress'. Sister Edith Prendergast has been the organizer of the 'Religious Education Congress' that is hosted by Cardinal Mahony and his archdiocese these past 20 years. A gala dinner event was held to showcase Sister Edith Prendergast's 'achievements' of promoting heresy and syncretism by leading many Catholics into apostasy.
The following is from today's California Catholic Daily noting the honor that Cardinal Mahony bestowed upon this heretic nun [emphasis in bold and red mine]:
California Catholic Daily, Wednesday, March 12, 2008 A.D. Is it our “metaphors” that need changing? Cardinal Mahony honors 20 years of dissent with gala dinner Fr. Liam Lawton sang “Danny Boy” (movingly, it was said) [what?] in her honor. There were readings from works by Maya Angelou, David Whyte, and John O’Donohue [but in 2000 years of Christian history no saint or Christian was appropriate or found good enough to read?]. Paying tribute were Cardinal Roger Mahony, Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson of St. Monica’s parish in Santa Monica, and Megan McKenna, a self-described “writer, theologian, storyteller [heresyteller?], missionary.” All these and about 500 more were gathered Feb. 29 for a Religious Education Congress [why pay for a syncretic event, what happened to evangelizing the Word made flesh?] event, a dinner to honor Religious Sister of Charity Edith Prendergast, director of the Office of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 1987. As director, Sister Edith has overseen the archdiocese’s annual Religious Education Congress [was this her idea or Cardinal Mahony's?] , a gathering of religious educators and others from California and across the U.S. that has become notorious over the years for its presenters who dissent from Church teachings [besides protesting has anyone approached the Vatican concerning this?]. "It has been an extraordinary experience to be associated with you in our local Church," Cardinal Roger Mahony told Sister Edith [I'm sure she feels likewise], according to the March 7 Tidings, the archdiocesan newspaper. Noting Prendergast’s “candor, civility, competence, courage [why is it 'courageous' to dissent from teaching?] and, most importantly, compassion,” Mahony said, “I cannot be more grateful to our almighty God for the gift of Sister Edith Prendergast." Prendergast showed some theological candor in September 2002, at a talk sponsored by her office with Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The speaker was Michael Morwood, an Australian theologian whose book, Tomorrow's Catholic: Understanding God and Jesus in a New Millennium, Archbishop George Pell of Melbourne, Australia in 1998 said contained serious doctrinal errors. When Morewood refused to retract the errors, Pell banned him from speaking publicly on the incarnation, the redemption, and the Trinity. Despite this, and Morewood’s subsequent resignation from the priesthood, Prendergast’s office offered those who attended his talk a "certificate of attendance," to go towards earning a "catechist certificate." [and Cardinal Mahony did nothing?; or am I asking for too much here?] After Morwood’s talk, Sister Edith said he had "raised our sights and shaken us up." She said that, during Morwood’s talk, she was thinking “that the time for us involved in religious education is to rethink our story and traditions [like abandoning Christianity altogether]. So often I think that we are counting on images and metaphors. We have to ask the question: are they relevant to our time? Do they speak to anyone?" [relativism loud and clear] Among the "metaphors" that might not "speak to anyone," Sister Edith mentioned "the metaphors of the incarnation, of the Trinity, redemption -- some of the things that Michael assessed for us tonight. And each of those metaphors, in a way, you might say, is a poetic device, giving an insight into who God is, but also, who God is not. When you say God is Mother, or God is Father, God is not mother or father, either [are you proposing transgender?]. We have to look at the need to change our metaphors and also the need to re-address them throughout the ages. I ask people, how do we teach, today, the Trinity? How do we teach incarnation? Is it what we were taught twenty or thirty years ago? I don't know. And I think that is one of the areas that Michael is willing to push us to take a look at today and that's in the context of the fact that our cosmos has changed, our social and scientific development of our age."
Wow. It really is that bad in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles with Cardinal Mahony. I really feel for Quintero over at LA Catholic.
For the California Catholic Daily article click here.


Esther said...

Tito, I never heard of her. Thanks for posting this. BTW, Sr. Joan Chittister will be speaking here at Chaminade on April 6th.

Thanks for the prayers for LA Tito, I'm a frequent vistor to Q's site, I happen to also be trapped here. Habitless nuns, they get on my last nerves. (This is how bad things are in LA: A Nun got shocked when I told her I was going to teach my students about Transubstantiation (and yeps, she was habitless)...Feb 27, 2011 can't come fast enough.

Tito said...


I have never heard of her until I came across the California Catholic Daily article as well. And for Sr. Chittister, pray that she won't influence any people durinig her visit.

Mahalo nui loa,


Tito said...

Joe of St. Therese,

Is the date you mentioned the mandatory date for Cardinal Mahony to submit his letter of resignation? I pray for that and hopefully sooner.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Francis Michael Becker said...

I have had the honor of attending many events organized by Sister Edith. Big events like RE Congress and small ones from local churches. All went off without a hitch at least to us guys that might not know any better. She is hard working, determined and I'm sure sometimes really demanding. But look at what happens. Basically magic. Uniting different groups. Diverse educational groups. Diverse everything groups. But always under one banner.
Got to appreciate her. When she is walking toward or away from you, your not sure of what just happened. Its like Gloria the attorney, meets any of the Holy sisters with Teresa in their name and they join forces. Yes I know about Gloria. Sister Edith, react positively.

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