Friday, March 7, 2008

"A Shepherd's Care"

In this age in which celebrities and athletes are put on a pedestal it is easy to get jaded, however, there is at least one I can think of who deserves every kind word being said about him lately and plenty more, though he is probably too humble to care to hear much more of it!

It is already a few days too late and there really is not much left to say about Brett Favre the athlete, the down-to-earth, tough-as-nails, quarterback from the deep south who embodied a lot of the best of what is all to often missing in our world today.

Throughout its storied history, the Green Bay Packers have always had a strong Catholic contingent (the city of Green Bay itself is something like 90% Catholic I've heard.) Lombardi for instance was a daily-Mass goer. Former Coach Mike Sherman, as well as the current coach are also very devout. As for Brett, here is what Fr. James Baraniak of the Norbertine Order, the Packer's Chaplin, wrote about him on his blog (which you really should visit!) a year ago...

" was the scene of Brett with Deanna, Deanna's Mom, and their daughter, Breleigh, at dinner with a few other friends at Saint Agnes Rectory in Green Bay. Breleigh became a little bored with the length of the dinner, so it seemed, so she began to recruit participants for a quick and spontaneous game of hide and seek to be played throughout the first floor of the house. Forever the competitor, Brett was the first to volunteer.

The evening was simply wonderful; Father Getchel pulled out all of the stops: the dinner, an easy $400 worth of food; the window treatments in the rectory living room, $3000; the price of Brett Favre "on all 4's" hiding behind those drapes: PRICELESS! That night I couldn't help but think that he naturally embodies all that the Church hopes for in family life.

Over these past 17 years, we've all watched Brett grow before our very eyes -- on the field and off. We've seen his family grow and we've seen his love for family, friends and fans grow in exponential measures. Brett and Deanna have won the hearts of all of us -- especially in the midst of adversity, illness and loss. But his simple, down-to-earth goodness and love for others is what distinguishes Brett as a true MVP.

Welcome home, Brett! May 2007 be all that you hope for it to be -- both on the field and off. Your passion for football, family life and your Catholic faith reminds me that, "God's flock is in your midst; give it a shepherd's care!"

Brett is still a (relatively) young man and we wish him and his family all the best!

Click here for or a good article on Fr. Baraniak from the St. Anthony Messenger.


" the window treatments in the rectory living room, $3000"

Memo to priests: Calling curtains "window treatments" and noting that they are $3K no less, is NOT helping the image stereotype!

I buy my curtains at Target.

Memo to priests: Calling curtains "window treatments" and noting that they are $3K no less, is NOT helping the image stereotype!


Tito said...

That is funny.

I purchase mine at Big Lots!

Simple Sinner,

New pic eh?

The other dog was getting jealous...

Big Lots would do it for me... if I only ever needed one panel! Whenever I have found a curtain I like at a cheapy place like that, I can never find two that match!

Kinda like rummage sales - my grandmother can smell a bargain ten miles away... Me, I just end up in someone's dirty garage looking at crap they are too proud to throw in the garbage where it belongs!

Tito said...

You're right about Big Lots. You can never find matching pairs of anything.

I furnished my living room from Big Lots and people think I spent a fortune!

Ahhh, the simple life.

yeps, the simple life :). I wish the best to Brett and his family, and am glad to know he's on our Team.

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