Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Catholic News-Palm Sunday (2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Labyrinthan Legitimacy - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons Did Obama Know Pastor’s Hateful Sermons - J. Stephenson, NB President Obama's Neoliberal Theocracy - Lee Cary, Am Thnkr Seven Days that Shook the World - Dc. Kandra, Deacon's Bench Qatar: 1st Cthlc Church Fear Backlash - Sonia Verma, Fox News World Leaders Condemn Death of Iraqi Archbishop - CWNews Chiara Lubich, Requiscant in Pace - Cindy Wooden, Cth Ns Ser Obama & Hillary Tell the Poor to Kill Their Kids - Fr. J, Pr Cm The Bishop Who Believes - Diogenes, Off the Record The Shroud of Turin - Shafer Parker, National Catholic Register What About the Day of Wrath - Thomas Howard, Inside Catholic Fr. Keith Peckler on Benedicts Vestments - Father Z, WDTPRS Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Sunday Afternoon, March 16, click here. For Saturday, March 15, click here. For Friday, March 14, click here.


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