Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More, Rest in Peace

Paul Scofield a famous stage actor from England but probably best known for his role as Sir Thomas More in the film 'A Man for All Seasons' in 1966. He won an Oscar for his performance when winning an Oscar still meant something and not a political statement. One of the most famous lines in the film 'A Man for All Seasons' was when Mr. Paul Scofield played the character of Sir Thomas More and was engaged in a debate with King Henry VIII concerning his loyalties, and was reassuring that he was his faithful servant by saying, "The Kings good servant, and God's first". This is my favorite film of all time. I am just enthralled by his acting as well as the overall make of the film which was overtly Christian, specifically Catholic. There was nothing watered down about the film to be "acceptable" and "politically correct" audiences. Mr. Paul Scofield also starred in the adaptation of Graham Greene's 'The Power and the Glory' as the "whiskey priest". Mr. Paul Scofield was born in 1922 in Sussex, England. Requiescat in Pace Paul Scofield, 2008 A.D. For a complete Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Paul Scofield from Mr. John Whitley of London's Daily Telegraph click here.


Felipe Gasper said...

The more typical Latin expression in “Requiescat in pace”. (Or, for more than one person, “requiescant”.)

Felipe Gasper said...

erm, that should be “is”....

Heh, oh well.

Felipe Gasper said...

As in “is ‘Requiescat in pace’”....

Ok, I’ll quit now.

Tito said...


I was wondering if I had it right. Thanks for the correction. I basically used my Spanish skills and a little guessing on the correct Latin.


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