Thursday, March 6, 2008

Obama's Grandmother is a Christian Now?

Obama's grandma said she's Muslim exactly one year ago according to the New York Times. Now in the USA Today (Associated Press) she says she's a devoted Christian. Did the Obama camp give her a phone call and tell her what to say? Did the New York Times deceive? Did the Associated Press deceive? USA Today (Associated Press), March 5, 2008 AD:

Obama’s grandfather had converted to Islam from Roman Catholicism and taken the name Hussein, Sarah Obama said, but his children had inherited only the name, not the religion. Each person should be able to choose how they worshipped, she said.

“In the world of today, children have different religions from their parents,” she said. She, too, is a Christian.

New York Times, April 30, 2007 AD:
Sarah Hussein Obama, who is his stepgrandmother but whom Mr. Obama calls his grandmother, still rises at 5 a.m. to pray before tending to her crops and the three orphans she has taken in. “I am a strong believer of the Islamic faith,” Ms. Obama, 85, said in a recent interview in Kenya.
I wonder how the mainstream media is going to spin this now? For that matter the Barack campaign? It probably is a whopper of a mistake by the reporter for that matter. You would think the reporter would have checked and double-checked because of the rumors surrounding Barack Obama of being a closet Muslim and the use of his middle name as a pejorative during the campaign. (Biretta Tips: Greg & Little Green Footballs)


Joan said...

Maybe nobody lied, and it's just sloppy reporting.

Tito said...

That's my feeling as well. But a whopper of a mistake!

skeetor said...

I conclude that being a lying politician is genetic.

Politicians and lying, they go hand in hand....

Anyone feeling Abp. Burke for President?

Anonymous said...

Does Obama ever stop lying? He did not choose his step-grandmother who raised him....or biological grandmother. He DID choose his racist minister and church for 20 years. He lied 2 days ago by saying he never heard Wright's hateful sermons. Now he admits he did! But that's OK?
Wake up America!!! You have blindly followed someone you can't trust.......just because he can speak smoothly??

He and his wife got into upscale colleges and universities because of "Affirmative Action" he cries that blacks were disadvanaged?

Ferraro could not cite poll data, because she was called a racist.......but you all believe that it's OK for Obama to donate to a church that is outright shown as racist against whites and backed Farakan.

Affirmative action denied many whites an education at the universities where blacks got in with much lower scores. That's enough. Between Rap music and Rev. White, black power is going to ruin the young people of this Country, with their continued racism against whites. Obama CLAIMS he wants to unify the races and our Country? His words are cheap.....his actions are clearly the opposite.

Obama's children are hearing those hateful remarks by Rev. Wright......and won't adopt his ideas? Or at the very least think they're OK?


PS Michelle Obama has not been seen since her anti-American speech. Obama and his backers are SLICK.

Tito said...


I've blogged about that yesterday and I agree with many of your points.


If Abp Burke is allowed to run then he's got my vote!


Excellent point.

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