Thursday, August 31, 2006

Charles Darwin and Adolph Hitler

The 20th century is the bloodiest Christian century ever. More Christians have died for their faith in the 20th century than all previous centuries combined. May Charles Darwin's theory of evolution have something to do with this? Joseph Stalin wanted to consolidate power in the Soviet Union by eliminating, ie, killing, millions of Ukrainians to create a liberal Utopia of no religion and communist apologists. Mao Tse Tung killed millions of Chinese in his attempt of creating another atheist state based on secular ideas. Pol Pot destroyed entire cities to manipulate man into a secular rural society of communism. Adolph Hitler, along with killing millions of Jews, massacred as many Christians in Poland and elsewhere to remove the vestiges of an 'inferior' race. What fueled these madmen? I believe that when you turn away from God, such as the French did in 1789, you unleash evil. The moral bounds are unhinged and everything goes. Look at the motto of the time, "Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!" The idea of making Man superior to God led to Darwin's theory of evolution or the theory of Natural Selection. This started what we call Eugenics today, a social theory advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. This not ironically is what Margaret Sanger believed in and pushed in wanting to eliminate the 'Negro Race'. She later became the founder of Planned Parenthood in persute of this goal. Eugenics is what Adolph Hitler believed in. First by eliminating the sick and invaled. Then by sterilizing undesirables. Then finally by destroying what he believed to be a cancer to his regime of the 'Master Race', Jews and anyone who stood in his way of this Darwinist Utopia. A documentary has recently been released linking Darwin and Hitler titled, Darwin's Deadly Legacy. The documentary views the Holocaust as a consequence of Darwin's theory of evolution and the eventual social impact.
"Darwin's Deadly Legacy even connects evolutionary theory to Adolph Hitler's policies during his Third Reich. The documentary makes the case that the Holocaust can be linked to efforts by the German dictator to speed up the evolutionary process, as he understood it."
Ideas have consequences and too many Christians paid the price of these secular and liberal ideas of Man. To read more on this new documentary click here.


ken said...

I think the lesson we learn here is that it is dangerous to treat a scientific theory as anything more than a scientific theory.

Evolution is well documented by the evidence, and what is more it is wholly compatible with Christian teaching; but it is difficult for many to understand how it can be so. In fact, it's a touch counter-intuitive.

But that said, it is compatible. But it does not prove Christian teaching, nor does it prove the claims of atheists and social experimentalists when they usurp its postulations to make increasing non-scientific claims based on it.

Like any theory, it has limits. And like any theory or law of science, it operates effectively only within those limits, and outside of them has no value.

I don't deny that a warped understanding of what could be termed "Darwinism" (a popular term applied to a twisted and erroneous philosophy that Darwin himself did not hold!) has lead to much atrocity. But we cannot dismiss the validity of a theory based merely on the actions of people who warp it ot their selfish ends. If we did that, our own Catholicism would quickly find itself on the chopping block as well!

Tito said...

I agree.

I am not saying that Darwinism is wrong, but has contributed directly or indirectly to some of the worst atrocities (outside of the Jihads) known to man.

Matt said...

"Evolution is well documented by the evidence"

micro-evolution (changes within a species) has evidence, but more importantly, there is absolutely no evidence that one species ever evolved from another.

Perhaps if the evolutionists would abandon the idea that evolution is a dogmatic ideology, and treat it strictly as a scientific theory, they would stop misleading the public on the matter.

ken said...

micro-evolution (changes within a species) has evidence, but more importantly, there is absolutely no evidence that one species ever evolved from another.

Ever seen a fossil of a snake with legs? I's pretty neat.

Ever bothered to research the documented parts of the fossil record concerning the evolution of whales? Exceptionally good...the transition from land animal to sea animal is not complete, but it's apparent nonetheless.

What really needs to happen is that people need to stop misunderstanding the professional meaning of the term "theory". In the popular meaning, the term "theory" means an unproven supposition. But in professional language, that is not what a theory is...that is what a "hypothesis" is. And when scientists speak of the theory of evolution, they are not speaking of the hypothesis of evolution.

"Theory", in the professional meaning (and we must remember that in such discussions, we are using the professional term even if our understanding is the popular one), denotes "is a more or less verified or established explanation accounting for known facts or phenomena".

There is no misleading the public on the veracity of the theory of evolution. Where the misleading occurs is in the discussion of its MEANING, and some Christians in this regard as as guilty as militant atheists of speaking wrongly.

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