Thursday, August 24, 2006

Debauchery at Lourdes

After a day of reflection and prayer at Lourdes these young Brits go out on the town and 'let loose'. They get wasted and raise noise in Lourdes, upsetting residents and making a mockery of themselves. I think this is how St. Patricks Day started. At first it was a respectful celebration of the great evangelizer of Ireland. With Mass, a parade, and revelry towards St. Patrick. Eventually it turned into a secular bachanal of drinking and sex. Shame on these young Brits and their parents. To read more of this sad and deprave behavior click here.


Ben said...

British tourists are pretty well-known for being raucous and drunk.

It's shameful to see this happening at Lourdes, among Catholics. Something must be very wrong in British culture, this inabilty to understand appropriateness.

Tito said...

I like having fun, but at Lourdes?

Yes, something must be wrong with British culture for this to be occurring at Lourdes of all places.

Moneybags said...

It's a shame these people would do this in the city of Lourdes. How horrible it is when someone who claims to know Christ continually crucifies Him again by his/her sins.

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