Monday, August 28, 2006

Islam Poses a Threat to the West

So says 53% of Britons polled by The Daily Telegraph (UK).
The findings were revealed as Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, conceded that the multi-culturalist approach encouraged by the Left for two decades had probably been a mistake and could have contributed to the alienation that many young Muslims said they felt and experienced.
Oh, c'mon, they are the religion of peace after all. Right. Multiculturism should teach respect for other cultures, not create a seperate society. Multicultural claptrap that demeans our own culture at the expense of a minority culture by creating enclaves, ghettos, and seperate societies will only start the decline of the West as we become less proud of who we are and where we came from because of bleeding heart liberals and the party of death, ie, the Democrats. (Hat Tip: ++relapsed catholic++) For more on this article by Jihad Watch click here. To read The Daily Telegraph article here.


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