Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So are you going to become Catholic?

Is a common question these days among mainline Protestant theology professors and students who are yearning for Christs presence in the Eucharist, marian devotion, or simple orthodoxy among many reasons for their conversion in recent years. Many theologians have left their Protestant denominations for the Catholic Church. Reinhard Hutter a theologian from a Methodist seminary at Duke University, Bruce Marshall another theologian from another Methodist seminary at Southern Methodist University, and Mickey Mattox, a Luther scholar at Marquette, all three being Lutherans. Rusty Reno of Creighton and Douglas Farrow of McGill University, both Anglicans. And finally a Mennonite, Gerald Schlabach of St. Thomas University (not sure which one). All major and minor theology scholars of note that is enriching our Catholic faith. (H/T Built on a Rock) To learn the details of these converts stories click here.


Lobo said...

Glad this is happening. I have heard of various Protestant Christian leaders not so prominant thinkng the same thing - they pray the rosary in secret, have a devotion to Mary privately, and yearn for the real presence and the celebration of the Eucharist. I think this may not have happened except for some changes in the Chruch since Vatican II. I don't know if all the changes have been good since we seem to have lost some of Catholic distinctivness but since some Protestant Christian leaders are reconsidering their positions against the Roman Catholic church and recognizing what the Reformers did not consider 5 - 600 years ago during the Reformation.

Welcome to all who come to our imporfect church - that's why we put so much emphasis to get as much help as we can - God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, The Holy Spirit, Mary, the saints, angels, our members who have died, etc. The celebration of the Eucharist, the Mass, is a center piece - Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday all wrapped up in one experience. That's something!

Please don't forget to include Fr. Richard Neuhaus and Scott and Kimberly Hahn, three powerful defenders of the Catholic faith.

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