Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New USCCB Seminary Guidelines Approved the Vatican! Here's a particular excerpt that should help return the American episcopate (in general) back to orthodoxy:
"A candidate must be prepared to accept wholeheartedly the Church's teaching on sexuality in its entirety."
This new 98-page Program of Priestly Formation document, the fifth of its kind, as officially approved by the Vatican has been issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is a reaction to the poorly formed priest of the past, many dating prior to Vatican II, that contributed to the priest sex scandals. Hopefully this will reduce the homosexual predator from non-existence from our innocent children. This should continue the healing process for the Church in America and bring back more confidence in our wonderful priests. In our own Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston this should hopefully end the 'inventiveness' of a couple of our priests who help teach and form seminary students at St. Mary's Seminary. To read the new document click here. To read this article from LifeSite click here.


Moneybags said...

Very good news for the Church in America.

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