Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Nicene Creed on the Colbert Report

[October 7, 2007 A.D. Update: The video above is no longer available on YouTube, but a reader sent me this link directly from Comedy Central for your enjoyment. For the link click here.] Stephen Colbert, the host of the Comedy Central show - The Colbert Report, seemed to pull off the impossible. By actually citing a pillar of the Faith on television without being vilified. Yes, the Nicene Creed in its entirety. Click on the 'play' button on the lower left handside of the screen to play the video. To learn more about the Nicene Creed click here.


ken said...

Not only that, but he made Unitarianism look shallow and narcissistic in the process! Extra points!

Tito you should have seen when he said the Catholic Church was founded by Christ and attacked the "former Catholics" who are always ripping on the Church. Colbert is a great guy!

Tito said...


I will look for that.

If anybody has it, email me!

go to this blog and scroll down a bit and there you have it! Let me know wht you think!

George said...

Can't see this clip on YouTube anymore. You can get it on Comedy Central's site, though:

Tito said...


Thanks for the link!

In Christ,


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