Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poland Lectured on 'Gay' Rights

Poland was told to get in line with European values of homosexual license, or 'gay rights' as liberals refer to it, abortion on demand and the death penalty. So says the European Union at a meeting in Brussels, Belgium.
Poland's prime minister flew to Brussels yesterday to receive a public warning that his nation is seen as a threat to "European values" over the ruling coalition's conservative views on issues ranging from the death penalty to homosexuality.
I pray that Poland will be able to change these so-called European 'values'. It's already beginning with Chancellor Merkel of Germany. For more on this development click here. For further stories on the return of Christianity in Europe click here.


I wonder why the EU always goes after Poland, isnt the situation in Ireland similar? Or has Ireland gone down hill fast this past decade?

Tito said...

Ireland is on the fast track towards secularism. Priest shortages, dropping Mass attendance, and a stagnant birth rate. I'd say the people are further along than the government.

Sad really.

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