Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Islam and M.A.D.

At times militant Muslims have stated their greater love of death over life such as Hezbollah and President Amhadinejad of Iran. With this said the Western world seems to have a dilemma on their hands in dealing with Islamic fanaticism. During the Cold War both the Soviet Union and the West held each other at gunpoint by a doctrine called M.A.D. or Mutually Assured Destruction. Basically we both knew that any movement towards nuclear warfare would ensure annihilation on both sides. Both sides wanting to live, this ensured a tense working relationship that culminated in the implosion of the Warsaw Pact and then the Soviet Union itself. With the West facing the militancy of Islam, we face a foe that is not afraid to die. To the point of being annihilated. Al-Qaeda is a mosquito in the eye of the United States but when you have entire populations willing to risk complete destruction in order to eliminate Israel, then that is entirely something different. Back in 2001 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon proclaimed that Israel will not be another Czechoslovakia to Islam's militant tactics. He was referring to 'Enlightened' Europe, ie, Neville Chamberlain's 'Peace in our time' doctrine of appeasing Adolph Hitler by sacrificing Czechoslovakia to the Nazi's. With France's Chirac and Spain's Zapatero demanding restraint from Israel's defense posture, and many more instances of Europe falling over themselves to appease Muslim militancy, the picture Ariel Sharon was painting is that Israel will fight to the bitter end rather than surrender to Islam. If and when Muslims to overcome Israel they will be ever more emboldened. What will be next? Al-Andalus will be demanded, that is what is Spain today. Next would be the Balkans and soon after anywhere there are significant Muslim populations such as in France and the Benelux countries. Muslims would rather die than live in peaceful tension with the West. The Koran says that Muslims live with other Muslims and live in war with non-Muslims. What more does the West need for a wake up call? A nuclear bomb going off in New York City? To learn more about this predicament by none other than the preeminent historian on the Middle East Bernard Lewis click here. To learn more about Islam, 'the religion of peace', click here. To see what the consequences of 'appeasement' may bring click here.


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