Friday, March 23, 2007

Idem Velle Idem Nolle

That is Latin for "same desires, same dislikes", which is an old Roman definition of friendship.
Pope Benedict XVI's latest apostolic letter, Sacramentum Caritatis (Sacrament of Charity), can be summarized as a love letter to Christ as the National Catholic Register (NCR) would describe it.
In this apostolic exhortation, Pope Benedict XVI waxes poetic on the love and devotion that can be focused when in adoration of the Eucharist. This can be expressed profoundly in benediction, mental prayer, and homilies to mention a few.
Jesus defines friendship as a communion of wills, hence the use of the old Roman definition, idem velle idem nolle. To be in closer friendship to Jesus, we need to practice correctly the many ways we have at our disposal to express this love of friendship. Thusly, Sacramentum Caritatis assists all those in reaching these goals of ever closer union with Christ!
As the NCR succinctly puts it, "the document is exactly what our front-page headline declares it to be: a love letter to Christ, his friend and ours, the center of the Mass, and our life."
To read the NCR's article on Sacramentum Caritatis click here.
To read Sacramentum Caritatis in its entirety click here.


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