Friday, March 16, 2007

Irish #1!... in Binge Drinking

We all are aware of the stereotype of the Irish liking to fight and drink. So what if the mascot of the world famous University of Notre Dame is called the Fighting Irish. So what if we playfully pick on our favorite American ethnic group about their drinking habits. It seems to me that they are the ones that are more vocal than any other about their drinking 'prowess'. Well a recent Eurobarometer survey done in Europe (EU) interviewed EU nations to determine who are the heaviest drinkers. At it has been determined that the Irish are the worst offenders to binge drinking.
Ireland has the highest rates of binge-drinking in the European Union, a survey exploring attitudes to alcohol has indicated. ... Binge-drinking is a particular problem among young people, with almost a fifth of the 15-24 age group usually binge-drinking when consuming alcohol, according to the results of the survey on attitudes towards alcohol, presented by the European Commission on Thursday. ... The Catholic Church has added its voice to those warning of the dangers to society of alcohol abuse. ... In recent years there has been much concern about underage drinking on Irish streets on Saint Patrick's Day and some of the resulting problems, including violence, our correspondent says.
Seriously, binge drinking is not anything to be proud of. I'm not singling out the Irish per se, just that we've taken our Catholic holidays to the extreme that some of these holy days have become more banal than holy. We probably need to retake these days and emphasise the spiritual aspects of them. Like John Paul II said, we need to transform the world. What better way than celebrating the true nature of these holidays!. For the BBC World News report on this story click here. For the liberals trying to change St. Patrick's Day to Shamrock Day posting click here. For Fidei Defensors epic posting to begin his CVSTOS FIDEI blogging entry on St. Patrick's Day click here.


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