Sunday, March 11, 2007

Public Heretic #1

Sean Hannity has always been known of having a shallow faith in Catholicism, regardless of his protestations to the obvious. Many times in the past have I cringed any time he would talk about his faith because he was incorrect at times, not often, but obvious when he was. I've become less of a fan of Sean Hannity recently, especially when he castigates callers on his radio show for not supporting Mayor Rudy Giuliani because of his pro-abortion/pro-choice stance. Now we have seen more of the same of Mr. Hannity's heterodoxy, and I for one will not defend him no longer. Being a Christian, especially Catholic, does not begin and end in Sunday Mass. It is a way of life, our faith transcends our life to be a witness in the world. Not be of this world as Sean Hannity has clearly shown. We are Christians first before we are anything else. Whether it be Republican or Democrat, American or Mexican, our faith transcends our thoughts and our actions. Sean Hannity clearly believes himself to be a Republican first and a Christian second. It is obvious by Mr. Sean Hannity's blinding support for Mayor Rudy Giuliani, another Catholic In Name Only, that Mr. Hannity lust for power at all costs has compromised his faith in Jesus for temporal power.
Do you not know that if you yield yourselves to any one as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness? For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. --Romans 6:16, 23
Recently Father Thomas Euteneuer wrote an article called Sean Hannity's Gospel in Human Life International where Fr. Euteneuer called out Sean Hannity for his promotion of birth control:
"then the repentance I would like to hear out of Sean Hannity's mouth is for his shameless—even scandalous—promotion of birth control."
Well Sean Hannity didn't like being called out on his false faith and here is the following clip where Fr. Euteneuer and Sean Hannity 'debating' on Hannity & Colmes: Towards the end of this video clip Father Euteneur was asked by Alan Colmes if he would deny Sean Hannity Communion and Father Euteneur said "I would". The look on Sean Hannity's face is sweet. (for the transcript click here) It doesn't matter what our political allegiances are or where we are born, it is practicing our faith in the world is our defining characteristic that distinguishes Christians from non-Christians. It isn't easy being a Christian, but the rewards of Heaven are certainly enough for this Catholic to practice my faith with love and sincerity in a world of rampant secularism and materialism. For Human Life International, pro-life missionaries to the world, click here. For the Sean Hannity's Gospel by Father Thomas Euteneur click here. To read Father Thomas Euteneur's blog, Spirit & Life, click here. To learn more about Father Thomas Euteneur click here. Catholic Blogosphere Reacts (condemns) Sean Hannity's False Christianity: My Domestic Church has an excellent posting on the logical fallacies, ergo, shouting techniques, of Sean Hannity click here. The Curt Jester sounds off here. For posting click here. Amy Welborn sounds off in Open Book here. Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii posts here. Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed posts here.


I used to respect Sean, now I see, him and Rudy are peas in a pod. Hurrah for the good Father though, more like him! I'll pray for Hannity's repentence though it seems he has become he has put his trust in Caseser rather than Christ. It spoke volumnes about Hannity that Alan Colmes, a left-winger and non-Catholic, treated the preist with more respect than "Irish Catholic" Hannity.

It is a sad day when a "Conservative" "Irish" "Catholic" tears into a good orthodox Priest on TV.

skeetor said...

Before this current election cycle, I personally held Mr. Hannity in pretty high regard. Now with this I just wanna go hide under a bridge. If I heard "judge not lest ye be judged" one more time, I was going to plug my ears... but now that I think about it, isn't that how its said in the KJV? I wonder which bible Mr. Hannity is reading.

Dad29 said...

Frankly, I've never had all that much respect for Hannity--I think he's about as deep as a credit card.

I understand that he's been tossed from the SFO radio station lineup--can't get ratings.

So says Savage, anyhow.

Tito said...

We need to galvinize either a legit GOP option to Rudy or get a 3rd party candidate for president.

What can we do?

Suzanne said...

Did you see Father Morris' open letter to Sean Hannity where he criticizes and apologizes for Father Euteneuer??? Unbelieveable!,2933,258291,00.html

skeetor said...

so its another catholic... who just isn't really a catholic.

Tito, I have one third party idea, Draft Stephen Colbert to run, mostly liberal on economic issues, but solidly pro-life. Hey he's a saint compared to Hillary and Rudy! Of course hopefully we can get Brownback the nomination in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Here is Father Euteneuer's response to the open letter

Anna B.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the arrogance of Sean Hannity!!! He actually thinks we should be gratefull and applauding that he is still willing to be Catholic (although in name only) because of the priest scandal.

My blood is boiling right now!! I am going to pray for him and me....Hail Mary full of grace...

Anna B.

skeetor said...

Yeah I gotta admit, after listening to Mr. Hannity I prayed much more for myself than for him. I'm fine with ignorant people doing ignorant things, but when a man educated in the Catholic Church spew this filth... lets just say the devil really does know how to push my buttons.

Tito said...

Suzanne & Anon (Fr. Et. response),

Thanks for the links.

Tito said...

Anna B. & Skeetor,

Yes, it's amazing to hear Sean Hannity spout such ignorance.

Anonymous said...


If Fr. Euteneuer truly is a man of his word, then he should be spending more time confronting "bishops" like Roger Mahony who barely give assent to "pro-life" issues rather than Hannity, who is not a member of the Church's Magisterium, despite his public position.

Too many of these bishops treat any discussion of abortion as if it were a tar baby, prefering instead to schmooze with big name politicians who will grant them access to the power and prestige that these bishops crave.

Moreover, Fr. Euteneuer should confront Rome publicly for not holding bishops accountable for their "pro-life" hypocracy.

If Jesus Christ can confront the religious leaders of His day publicly, uprightly and forcefully, why can't (or should) Fr. Euteneuer do any less? If the Catherines of Siena, the Francises of Assisi, the Erasmuses and the Thomas Mores can confront corrupt papacies in their respective generations, why can't (or should) he do any less?

Or is Fr. Euteneuer just another one of those "orthodox" Catholics who have been brainwashed into offering blind deference to a corrupt episcopal establishment that isn't worthy of it because it has become a collective abomination before a holy, righteous God?

Regardless of how obnoxious you might find Hannity's opinions and behavior, he's not part of the Magisterium. If Fr. Euteneuer really has any moral courage, he should aim at least some of his fire (if not the bulk of it) at a Catholic Establishment -- and I include the current and late pope in this assessment -- that confuses pretty words with action -- and, in the process, has become hardened to the plight of the innocent.

skeetor said...

It is a work of mercy to instruct the ignorant and to admonish the sinner, even if you're only doing it one person at a time. However, he appeared on a nationally viewed talk show, don't you think the bishops around the country know by now what he said?

Leticia said...

I'm just happy we have been offered this 'teachable moment' and think Catholics should take this opportunity to admonish the 97% of our own faithful who disobey Humanae Vitae.
I know I did on my blog:

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