Thursday, March 22, 2007

Catholic Convert Aimee Milburn

I like conversion stories so every once in a while I do post on them. Here is one by Aimee Milburn. She came over from Protestantism with all the baggage of stereotypes about Catholics. She was able to overcome them with studiousness and an open heart. For her story click here. To learn a little more, her short bio is in my opinion, a better synopsis of her faith. For that story click here. My favorite quip from her, "My personal motto: I spend my money on books, and with what's left over I buy food and clothing." I may make that my own motto! (Hat Tip: Catholic Report)


That original quote there is from Erasmus, and it is indeed a good motto to have!

Tito said...

Thanks for the heads up. I like that quote very much.

R. Lee said...

I find her story particularly moving as I wrestle with my own faith issues. I to have looked everywhere except to Christ. I have looked into Shinto, Both major sects of Buddhism, the so called “New Age” and Judaism. Her story is an inspiration!

Tito said...

R. Lee,

She certainly is.

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