Monday, March 5, 2007

300: Is President Bush King Leonidas?

That is the debate that has been sparked by many in the media, ipso facto, the liberals for all intents and purposes.
It seems that liberals are painting our current President Bush as Emperor Xerxes who is out to avenge his fathers failure in defeating the Greeks. Others claim President Bush is King Leonidas, the defender of Western Civilization.
I never put any thought to this until I read this article this morning (from none other than the liberal New York Times). Nonetheless, I know my history of the Battle of Thermopylae and I don't care to make comparisons.
The fact is that 300 Spartans, representing Western Civlization, with superior technology, superior tactics, superior morals, and superior men, defeated the million strong Persian Empire which represents the Muslim's of today.
Even though We lost, King Leonidas bought enough time for the Greek forces, ie, Western Civilization, to mount an incredible naval upset of a small Greek navy over the much larger Persian navy at the monumental Battle of Salamis (later the Greek army defeated the Persian remnant at the Battle of Plataea which secured Greek victory).
Today we should remember King Leonidas, though a pagan, represented the imperfect western man at his finest. Not until the coming of Christ would western man and the rest of humanity be able to seek perfection by the Way and the Light of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(Hat Tip: Drudge Report)
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UPDATED: Matthew Sheffield at NewsBusters has his say here.


skeetor said...

I completely do not see any parallel between the character in this movie and any character in our current political "theatre." However, I am certain that there are those that will.

Anonymous said...

Superior morals? We should remember a king of a society of pederasts.

You and Matt should add Skeetor to your team.

Anonymous said...

Bush is about as Christian as Satan.

Comparing Bush to Leonidas is a gross insult to the latter.

Comparing Bush to Xerxes pays too great a compliment to Bush's competence and leadership ability.

If you can't tell the difference between Persian and Muslim, you probably believe that the Bible was written in English.

Tito said...


Again, as I said in my posting, I could really care less for the political comparisons.

As far as Persians and Muslims, it is more of how the Middle East was back then and still is today. The Persians of today, as then, are good people, hard-working, and valorous. They will be one of the first all-Muslim nations to convert back to Christianity because of their traits.

God bless them all.

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