Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Catholic Blogosphere: No On Rudy Giuliani

We've seen the videos of Mayor Rudy Giuliani unequivocally endorsing the pro-choice/pro-abortion stance as well as his fondness for homosexual marriage. We've seen Republicans first, Catholic second or third like Sean Hannity fall into man-love with with Mayor Giuliani. We in the Catholic blogosphere who adhere to the teachings of Christ need to come together to oppose Mayor Giuliani. Why? The presidential election is only two years away. Well because Mayor Giuliani can wrap up the nomination before we even enter the primaries that's why. Why? There is still the Democratic Party to consider. Well, I haven't seen a strong pro-life candidate emerge from the party of death since John F. Kennedy, and that was almost 40 years ago. So what does that leave us? The new media has handed American Christians, especially Catholics, this opportunity to raise awareness at our disillusion with Rudolph Giuliani. We need to call-out those like Sean Hannity who's lust for power makes him no better than the Clinton's, and either help them to practice their faith or reveal them as charlatans. What next? Michelle Malkin selling her Catholic soul for the golden calf of the presidency? #1: We probably need to raise our voices in a unified opposition to Mayor Giuliani and show those like Sean Hannity that we are in this world, not of this world. #2: We need to find a viable option to Mayor Giuliani as in Senator Sam Brownback or Congressman Duncan Hunter (just to name a couple). What are we to do?. The National Catholic Register has an idea, click here. More on Rudolph Giuliani by click here.


Michelle said...

I am with you in opposition to Giuliani. Don't forget that McCain and Romney are really no better. If you are looking to unite in opposition to those three, as I've been saying, it needs to be Tancredo or Hunter. Brownback, sadly is in favor of amnesty which would terribly compromise the security and sovereignty of our nation. It is a pro-life issue too. The USCCB is going contrary to the Catechism on this.

Hunter and Tancredo are 100% pro-life and support a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and both are against amnesty by any other name. We need to unite and not compromise on either of these issues.

Psycheout said...

The more people find out about "front runners" Guiliani and Romney, the more they will discover that they are not conservative and certainly not pro-life.

Sam Brownback is the man conservatives and religious people should be looking to and supporting.

Find out more about Sam Brownback, the true principled conservative over at Blogs4Brownback. We're keeping an eye on the latest Brownback buzz!

Esther said...

Tito, I learned my lesson with the last the party line. Now, it's pro-life all the way.

I don't know much about Hunter, but Tancredo has strong appeal to the anti-Catholic xenophibic fringe, the modern day equivelents of those who used to complain about to many Irish, to many Italians, and to many Poles, comming into the country, NO THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I for one am very confused on all of this and may end up not voting for anyone at all. Brownback may be anti-abortion, and so am I, but he's in favor of staying the course in Iraq, insuring the continuation of a killing field for no observable purpose. If Bush had listened to Pope John Paull II we wouldn't have the Iraq problem today and there's no clear evidence that the continued action there is actually draining the terrorist swamp. As far as the amnesty thing is concerned, I'd have to believe that our Catholic beliefs would favor fair and humane treatment of those caught up in what amounts to a global migration, from south to north to escape inhumane living and economic conditions. And perhaps that's where much of the confusion comes in. Perhaps Roman Catholics need to seriously look somewhere else other than the political arena to influence the direction of the U.S. And perhaps another question, one I've been wrestling with, needs be asked, i.e., "American" or "Catholic" first? It seems we're challenged at every election to chose between the least of two evils and seek to chose what's "best" for the U.S., but in each case, we are asked to compromise one or more of the tenets of the faith. Nation-States come and go; the Trinity is eternal.

Tito said...


I like Senator Sam Brownback myself. Thanks for the link! I was wondering if there was something out there for us bloggers.

Tito said...


Yes, it's difficult to vote in this day and age, but like St. Thomas More did, he never gave up one iota of his principals, just his head. And for that, he is a saint in the presence of God.

Tito said...


I never knew that about Tancredo. If he is really anti-Catholic, could you send me some info, thanks.

We don't need another Catholic hater.

Tito said...


We need to stand up for our principles and vote for the candidate that best represents what we believe in. If it happens to be a 3rd party candidate without a shot at the White House, then WE should definately vote for that long-shot candidate.

Like Pope John Paul II said, we need to be an active witness of our faith in the world.

Psycheout said...

Anon, there's the easy thing to do and then there's the right thing to do. You ultimately will need to decide for yourself, but make sure you make an informed decision, the right decision.

If you're concerned about Iraq, as are we all, you might be interested to know that Sam Brownback does not support the "troop surge" because it is not the right answer.

He supports a political solution for Iraq but does not support abandoning our responsibilities. Agree or not, his is the brave and principled position.

Tito, thanks for checking out Blogs4Brownback. We hope you'll check in again from time to time. We're doing what we can for the best conservative in the running.

What else is there to be done?


As you know, I'm with you about Giuliani, McCain and Romney.

I also agree that Hannity needs to shut up about either his dissent from Catholic teaching or else about his Catholicism.

But what's Michelle Malkin done to merit your mention in that context?

Tito said...


I wasn't inferring anything at all, either implicit nor explicit. She's just a well-known Catholic that has argueably the largest following of readers in the blogosphere.

I absolutely have no inclination nor idea where she stands on the Sean Hannity-eating-his-foot-fiasco.

Basically I wasn't trying to single her out for any particular reason.

Karen said...

Amen, Tito. I'm sooo tired of anti-life "Catholic" sell-outs.

Can we get someone who is actually pro-life, please???????

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