Thursday, January 4, 2007

Another Blog Bites the Dust?

Now that Evangelical Catholicism is not going anywhere I see that A Catholic Life may have to close down because Moneybags is entering the seminary soon. This sounds familiar when friend of mine entered the North American Seminary his blog went down within days. Nonetheless Moneybags isn't going to close it down permanently, just only while he's attending his seminary during the Fall and Spring.
Today I read from several other people that seminarians at the seminary I will be attending are not allowed to have blogs or use forums online. I was extremely disappointed, but I will do whatever I must to live in obedience to my superiors. I plan on keeping this blog on the Internet forever. I have worked and put months worth of hours into this blog. I hope that it is a source of information for months while I am not blogging. Specifically, the "Catholic Categories" has very valuable information. I do, however, hope to post on this blog throughout the summer. So, starting in Fall 2007, I will be unable to post for a significant amount of time - probably until Summer 2008. However, I will be able to email people, so I will remain in touch with my readers. I have grown so close to many readers that it will be very difficult to stop blogging for those months. I pray that I will be able to do whatever is required of me.
Well, he is joining tens of thousands of other Catholics that are part of the Pope John Paul II generation of vocations. I'd rather see Moneybags become a priest rather than blogging, which I believe you all to agree would be the best thing if it finally comes to that. Good luck and Godspeed Moneybags! Tito To view Moneybags latest posting click here.


Moneybags said...


Thank you for your support. I hope to always remain in contact with some of my readers including you.

Tito said...

Thanks Moneybags, I pray for your successful completion of seminary.

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