Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lina Joy Becomes a Christian

The former Azlina Jailani (now Lina Joy) who was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity in 1990 is facing stiff resistance to change her ID to show she is a Christian. In a country such as Malaysia where the slight majority are Muslims, it is easy to change your ID card to show that you are a Muslim, but it takes an act of congress (pun intended) for the ID card to reflect that you are now a Christian.

"MALAYSIA's status as a moderate Muslim country is being put to the test in a milestone court decision that may allow Muslims to renounce their faith, a move considered one of Islam's greatest sins. The nation's highest court is to rule on an appeal by Lina Joy, a convert from Islam to Christianity who for a decade has been locked in a battle with the government to have her decision legally recognised. The appeal brings to a head passionate arguments about whether Muslims can renounce Islam at will and, ultimately, whether Malaysia is a secular country or is morphing into a conservative Islamic state under religious Sharia law." Our country is at a crossroads pending the outcome of this landmark case," Joy's counsel, Benjamin Dawson, told AFP. "This decision is pivotal to the direction the country will take."

In Islam, it is easy for anyone to become a Muslim, but when converting to Christianity, it brings condemnation and sometimes death.
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Ellin said...

It's YOU WHO GONNA BE DEATH! Who's on earth said if one is converted to Islam they'll be death. That's just so untrue! You've got no brain izit?! Simply said thing blatantly. And you, yourself? Do u really are a good Christian? I bet no!
If one is being punished to death if they were to convert to Islam or whatnot.. surely they're some who have had die already Stupid!

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