Monday, January 1, 2007

Vatican Ariel View

As God looks down on His Church we all pray for a blessed and peaceful new year. (Hat Tip: The Daily Brief)


Anonymous said...

looks kind of like a penis doesn't it?

Tito said...


Typical liberal.

Unable to offer any reasonable debate so you devolve in derogitory remarks.

Ad hominem.

Anonymous said...

Its a picture dumbass!! What is there to debate? OK posit: what could be more self congratulatory materbation nay idolitry than a catholic posting a vatican pic of the day? Perhaps maybe scrolling notredame/holycross/boston college scores? Yeah that's a real Thomas A Kempis style you've got there. STFU.

Tito said...


Thanks again for reinforcing the dictum that liberals, when unable to engage in a civil conversation resort to ad hominem attacks, eg, name-calling and vulgar language.

I'll pray for your soul.

Anonymous said...

you're a modern day pharisee. you should be concerned about your own.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if Tito had posted a picture of your mother, and I posted "hmm, kinda looks like a vagina", you'd be a bit confused and upset, too, right? The mere fact that I'm insulting someone you love by making a far-reaching comparison of your mother to genitalia does not set me up for any intelligent dialogue with you. This shows that your initial comment was pointless and only meant to insult.

Maybe if you could work on your grammar and spelling, I could understand what sort of comment you are trying to make. As it is, I am befuddled.

Mike Ambro (not anonymous)

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