Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Evangelical Catholicism Calling it Quits?

While I was reading the latest posting by Katerina Marie over at her (along with Michael Joseph) blog named Evangelical Catholicism, I read in the comments sections that they are going to 'cancel' the blog. I guess that's one way to say 'goodbye'. Nonetheless both Katerina and Michael have been deciding whether to continue or not for quite awhile now. For a little background, these two exploded into the Catholic blogosphere in late July. I stumbled across these two while reading Moneybags blog, A Catholic Life. Moneybags posted a "Why am I Catholic" video that he viewed on their blog. I came away quite impressed. Reading further on their blog it seems that Katerina is quite the Catholic social doctrine aficionado while her boyfriend is a philosophy intellect. Quite an impressive combination to say the least. And to go with that, they both know how to blog. Which makes for incredible reading. Now back to 'cancelling' their blog. It's been mentioned several times in various comments on their blog that they are getting disillusioned with the Catholic blogosphere. Apparently they have been knocking heads with some of the biggest names in the Catholic blogosphere. From Gerald over at the Cafeteria is Closed to the American Papist. From what I could discern they have been questioning the charitableness and obedience of several posters and bloggers. To be fair they never intended to do so when posting comments, it just evolved that way. I haven't been reading all of these 'debates' and for the record I generally post on secular current affairs through the eyes of a Catholic on my own blog. I have zero philosophy knowledge and my depth of Catholic social doctrine is somewhat bare. So I can't really state whether who is right or who is wrong, but it is clear to see that these 'debates' have been taking a toll on these two. I myself have had a lively 'debate' with these two, but not to the extent I have been reading around the other Catholic blogs. Nonetheless, from my perspective, they clearly should remain blogging because they add a different dimension that the Catholic blogosphere lacks and that is a highly intellectual context of Catholic social causes that goes beyond 'life' issues, such as poverty and materialism. The philosophical dimension can be found elsewhere, but not with the unique combination that Katerina brings to the table to complement Michael's philosophy background. Many may not agree with me on what I'm writing, but you have to agree that these two make you think twice about what a complete Catholic can be or maybe should be. For me they have helped to reinforce what I already knew by studying documents such as Pacem in Terris, Quadragesimo Anno, Rerum Novarum, rereading Deus Caritas Est, Centesimus Annus, and rereading Gaudium et Spes just to name a few. While they may bring this topic up of 'cancelling' pretty often you can say that this posting of mine is a preemptive strike to ask them 'not to cancel' their fine blog. Yes, I do disagree on a couple of points with these two, but they have stoked the fires of debate that can only be beneficial for them as well as I. So Kat and Michael, don't cancel your blog. Even if you're kidding around. I've had to see Seattle Catholic, Anathema Sit, and College Catholic call it quits. What next? Relapsed Catholic and The Curt Jester?!



We were just kidding about cancelling the blog! :)

Michael's friend is always on making comments and he needs to finish his dissertation, so we were joking around that.

We have thought about it in the past though. We're trying not to spend so much blogging, but spend more time praying, reading, and actively participating in our parishes.

Best wishes to you on this new year!


Tito said...


Best wishes to you and Michael as well!

Truth be told, I've thought about deleting the blog for a few months now. It was Katerina who convinced me otherwise. Thank you for the kind words, Tito.

Hnmmm a preptive posting to prevent a blog from cancelling, I wonder if this would have done me any good? Haha. Interesting to see they were having conflicts with some big name bloggers, by the way Tito I am looking forward to your emailed reply!

By the way, I don't think I would call my self a social doctrine "aficionado." I think we are all called to learn more about what the Church teaches in this matter in ensuring social justice for all.

I do have to agree with you that I'm getting very much into it, because in the past, I tried to immerse myself in secularism and came out frustrated and empty. While trying to explain many injustices that I witnessed when growing up I was gladly surprised by truth when I realized what the Church teaches about all of these matters. It is quite fascinating and overwhelming at the same time, because I feel that I've been a mediocre Christian for a long time.

And about Michael's philosophical background... well let me tell you that just like you, I don't know much about it, so it got very interesting when we started dating and got into arguments (which does not happen often at all), so he would pull those "logical" arguments on me. Needless to say I hated them :) He doesn't do that anymore though. In fact, I don't think we argue much... :P

Take care!

Matt said...

Perhaps spending some time becoming an afficianado in the Church's primary mission - the salvation of souls is in order. The reason Katerina-Michael keep butting heads with the blogosphere is that they erroneosly over-emphasize the earthly mission, and disregard this overarching priority. I started reading St. Theresa of Avilla the other day, I highly recommend that as a cure to this problem.

God Bless,


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