Sunday, January 7, 2007

Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus Has Resigned

Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Stanislaw Wielgus. (Hat Tip: RORATE CÆLI) To read the RORATE CÆLI posting click here. To read the news release click here.
To read the latest Google news on his resignation click here.
Post Mortem: Now if only Cardinal Mahony and other notorious bishops in the United States would take the archbishops lead.My opinion, again, is that he is sorry for his communist contacts. Plus there was no harm done to any of his colleagues while he informed on them. But primarily that he asked for forgiveness. I wish he hadn't resigned. (and I'm a staunch anti-Communist)


I am kind of divided on this one, while I don't think its a good precdent to set that the laity can basicaly overthrow a clergyman (lay protest was a major factor in this) I am glad that Polish people have absolutly zero tollerence for Communism (and the secular ideologies that go with it) if only Americans had the same expectations for our bishops!

The Houstonian said...

That there was no harm done to Abp. Wielgus's colleagues (though even the certainty of that is unclear) does not in any way negate that he did indeed consort with Communist regime officials. Pp. Pius XII and Pp. John Paul II both were quite clear on the Catholic position against cooperation with Communist states. This is not to say that people do not deserve a second chancel St. Augustine clearly demonstrated that through his episcopacy; however, Abp. Wielgus's installation in Warsaw would have caused a matter of grave scandal.

Tito said...


I agree. On another point I would say that I would rather have Wielgus than Mahony for my archbishop.

Just a thought.

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