Saturday, January 6, 2007

Matt Travels to Europe

My buddy Matt is taking time off from work and travelling to Europe for January. He resides here in Houston but is originally from Canada. He is a Catholic blogger who hasn't much blogged about anything since April and is yet to post on my blog. But he is starting up again at his new blog about his travels in Europe. I persuaded him to purchase a digital camera and log his journey since he will be visiting many Catholic sites. He has taken this idea and decided to start this new blog: Matt's Travel Blog ( He arrived in Rome this (Saturday, January 6) morning and is settled down. He will attend Mass at the Sistine Chapel with Pope Benedict XVI, if they let him. During his trip in Europe he will keep notes and pic on his blog. So for your enjoyment, take a look at his blog. In the photo below our Rosary prayer group is in front of an abortion mill in Houston. Matt is the one farthest to the right.


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