Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Akiane Kramarik, Grace from God

Twelve year old Akiane Kramarik was born to an atheist mother and a fallen away Catholic father, neither wanting anything to do with Christianity nor God for that matter. At age three (3) Akiane had an encounter with God. At age four (4) she began painting and expressing her dreams and thoughts of her encounter with God, first through paintings of pets and family members, then with striking portraits of Jesus and the beauty of God through others. She describes God as a "bold Light", "strong" and "masculine". This coming from then ten (10) year old Akiane with no formal education in Christianity or any type of exposure thereof. She dropped in and out of public and private schooling, but she is mostly home schooled. Eventually her parents converted to Christianity. Akiane was interviewed by CNN at the age of twelve (12). I have the You Tube excerpt here. It is quite moving. She and her family are not Catholic, but one thinks that if these dreams and encounters with Jesus were to continue, the inevitable may happen. (Hat Tip: A Catholic Mom in Hawaii) To view Akiane's art click here. To read more about Akiane click here. To go to A Catholic Mom in Hawaii blog click here.


Anonymous said...

i saw this when CNN ran it awhile back. She is an amazing talent. I would buy her paintings in a heartbeat!

Tito said...

She certainly seems to be a prodigy. I've read that she is the only binary prodigy in the world (music and art).

Moneybags said...

I saw this the other day - it is amazing. How I wish they would convert to the One True Church now.

Anonymous said...

Akiane's art and poetry and music are so amazing! She has greatly inspired me so many others.
She is the greatest artist I have ever seen. Her art is beautiful and is holy and spiritual!

Tito said...


I'm taking a little break. I'll return to blogging soon.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

The world is changing right before our eyes and soooo many honestly think its just crazy weather. Boy,are they wrong... Akiane what is God telling u now?? I want to know. We need to know...

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