Saturday, January 6, 2007

CVSTOS FIDEI's 2007 New Year's Resolution

Last year I wanted to read the Holy Bible cover to cover. I failed, though I did read the Bible more than any other time in my life. I'd like to give you all my New Year's resolution but that is a private affair. So I'll give my blogs New Year's resolution. 1. This year I will attempt to post more on positive items than on negative items. 2. This year I will attempt to be more charitable in my postings. 3. This year I will offer more Houston based Catholic events than in the past. I think stopping at three (3) is a good number don't you all think? Besides I can't think of anything else. So here we go entering a brave new year as Christians practicing our Catholic faith and being a witness of our Catholic faith to the fallen world. God bless you all. Tito


Esther said...

Really good resolutions which I may also do when it comes to my own postings. Thanks for the ideas!

Tito said...


You're welcome. I have a lot of resolutions that are personal and felt that it wouldn't have been right to post them. Then it struck me to make resolutions for my blog.

Anyways, God bless!


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