Monday, January 22, 2007

English Law Forces Homosexual Values Upon Catholic Church

Catholic Charities in San Francisco is already doing this with the approval of Archbishop Niederauer by sending homosexual practicing partners to other adoption agencies. While in England Lord Falconer is going to force the Catholic Church there to accept homosexual practicing partners looking to adopt. (note: emphasis mine)
The Roman Catholic Church and other religious bodies cannot be exempted from new laws banning discrimination against gay (homosexuals) people, Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, said yesterday. He resisted attempts by Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, to water down the rules to enable Catholic adoption agencies to turn away same-sex (homosexuals) couples. The Equality Act 2006, which comes into force in April, bans discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on the basis of (homo)sexual orientation. Miss Kelly, a Catholic and a member of the Opus Dei sect, is under pressure from the Catholic Church to include an exemption for church-run adoption agencies. Lord Falconer told BBC television's Sunday AM programme: "We have introduced laws which prevent discrimination against people on the basis of their (homo)sexual orientation; those laws should be given full effect. "We do take the view in this country that you shouldn't be discriminated against on that basis and think that applies to everybody, whatever your religion." Downing Street has proposed a possible compromise under which Catholic agencies could refuse to accept gay (homosexual) couples but would have a duty to refer them to agencies that would accept them. A spokesman for Miss Kelly's Department of Communities and Local Government confirmed yesterday that discussions were under way in Whitehall on the new rules, but denied that "preferential treatment" would be given to an individual faith. "We are absolutely committed to bringing forward effective protection from discrimination on the basis of (homo)sexual orientation and fully recognise the value of gay (homosexual) and lesbian parents," said the spokesman.
This is what happens when misguided liberals force their value system of false rights upon religous entities such as the Catholic Church. This is not freedom of religion that our forefathers wrote into the constitution. Granted this is occuring in England, but we are not to far off with a Clinton/Obama presidency coming upon us in 2008.
To read this article click here.
To read the Church's stance on the homosexually inclined click here.


Anonymous said...

What would be the punishment for the "crime" of not accepting homosexual couples to adopt?

Tito said...

I'm not sure, but I believe there may be some financial loss. Though the Catholic adoption agencies would close altogether rather than comply with anti-life legislation that this inate law would impose on the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

livros infantis ingleses pro homossexualismo

Anonymous said...

I work at Saint Vincent's Family Centers in Columbus Ohio, a Catholic Children's Charity. Our CEO, Michelle Ward, is a homosexual who directly supervises her live-in girlfriend. The unprofessionalism and the nepotism are bad enough, but this is supposed to be a Catholic Children's organization! How do I get rid of her? She can go be a homosexual somewhere else!

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