Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Past Is Prologue

Salve readers! Sadly, this will be the very last post for CVSTOS FIDEI. 

Yes, it's only been six years & three months since my last post, and even then it was another year before you can find one more post. 

 Anyways, I stopped blogging because I didn't believe my sometimes antagonistic approach was helping anyone convert. Secondly, I mostly blogged at The American Catholic (though I rarely have written anything in the same time periods). It's been about 8-9 years since I consistently wrote anything, so we can 'officially' say this will be the final post for CVSTOS FIDEI. 

 Why even bother posting you say? 

 It's because I am starting another blog as a member of FŒDVS, the League of Catholic Bloggers. I will be attempting be more objective, with a Catholic perspective, drawing people closer to the faith & hopefully conversion. It's also a news blog so I'll be reposting current articles from prominent authors & writers to help promote their work. The name of this new venture is 'Observations of a Catholic Newsman', or simply, 'Newsman' for short.

If anyone still has my feed & have popped over to see what I've bothered to write, thank you for being such loyal readers.  I believe you're going to like the new format of the new blog I am launching (that in a way, is a continuation of CVSTOS FIDEI).

One last thing, when you visit, the new 'Newsman' blog has no postings thus far.  I just finished creating it.  It will be fully functional beginning February of 2020.

. . .yes, I still operate The American CatholicBig PulpitCatholic StandIgnitum Today, & FŒDVS & with posts every day (yes, I've been busy).

Leave comments for old times sake here at CVSTOS FIDEI!.  :D

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

Tito Edwards

P.S. Thank you all for being a part of CVSTOS FIDEI.  It was fun & a great learning experience.  This blog will automatically begin forwarding to Newsman in a few weeks.
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Kathryn Karges and Women’s Health Care

I wanted to get the word out about a special talk coming up at St. Theresa's in Sugar Land.  Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:30pm, Dr. Kathryn Karges, MD, CFCMC, will speak about her special pro-life OB/GYN practice at St. Joseph's Hospital in Houston and the advances of Natural Reproductive Technology (NaProTECHNOLOGY) to help identify and treat a variety of women's health problems.

Dr. Karges is one of only 10 fellowship-trained NaProTECHNOLOGY surgeons in the U. S.  She applies the innovative science of NaProTECHNOLOGY to treat women for infertility and a full range of gynecologic health concerns.

Dr. Karges has special interests in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, polycystic ovarian disease, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), post partum depression (PPD), recurrent miscarriage, minimally invasive surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.  In addition, she has received specialized training in da Vinci Robotic-Assisted surgery as well as microsurgical training for repair of damaged fallopian tubes.  

The talk will take place in Room A of the Family Life Center at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Sugar Land (705 St. Theresa Boulevard, Sugar Land, TX).  Child care is available.

For more information click here.
Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ignitum Today Update

The Ignitum Today website has been down for a day and counting.

We are working to resolve this issue and how have a timetable to offer. IT should be up by Monday morning if not earlier, barring any other issues.

We were not attacked, we are just experiencing growing pains of a surge in visitors and and increase of database resources that will be resolved shortly.

The other websites are also suffering slow down issues, but nothing to worry about.

Thank you for your understanding and your prayers are appreciated.

 In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

Tito Edwards
Co-Founder of Ignitum Today

Updated Custos Fidei Website Coming

As some of you have noticed, there has been an uptick of postings recently.  Well, this may be an aberration, but I believe I got my blogging "mojo" back, but only time will tell.

The Custos Fidei website will be updated to accomodate a couple of new additions.  The news feed will remain, but in a slightly truncated format.

Other than that, it's wait and see if my "mojo" is back or not.

Trojan Virus at Crisis Magazine Website

Update: They're still working on the issue and they're making progress.  More updates later.

Crisis Magazine is suffering from a virus and I would recommend those that read them to abstain for the moment from visiting them until the situation is rectified.

According to my anti-virus program, Kaspersky, they have a "trojan" somewhere on their website.  Fortunately my Kapsersky blocked that trojan, though I did suffer some delays.

I'll keep you all updated once the situation is rectified.

If any one of you can contact them to tell them of their situation that would be nice.  I've sent two messages to two separate emails but I haven't heard from them yet.

I Am Good and Healthy

Thanks to an inquiry by a reader, I wanted to post quickly and give an update on my health.  I have recuperated and am doing very well.

The ironic thing about this illness is that I lost 10 pounds that haven't returned.  Plus I believe I had a dormant virus for nearly 25 years that finally ejected itself out of my body.

Deo gratias!

I truly believe there is a link between spiritual health and physical health.  Ever since my embrace of my Catholic faith nearly seven years ago I've noticed significant improvement in my overall mental and physical health.  All of this coinciding with my spiritual growth.

God has done a marvelous job of breaking me down and working on my ego.  And I am very thankful of that.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vote for the Nat'l Catholic Register (Now)!

The National Catholic Register is tied with Our Sunday Visitor for the best Catholic Newspaper in Christendom! The voting ends tonight so vote and put the Reg over the top!

The National Catholic Register has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards in these categories: Best Catholic Newspaper, Best Catholic Website, Best Catholic Radio Show, Best Catholic Facebook Page, Best Catholic to Follow on Twitter. You can cast one vote, in all five categories, every day of the voting period. Voting runs until 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

Click here to vote.

Note: The above was freely edited from the mad journalistic skillz of Matt "Not Pat" Archbold.
Thursday, December 29, 2011

MSNBC/NY Times Poll Alert: Are Religious Rights Being Trampled on by Government?

Fr. Z explains it well:

Perhaps other blogs will pick this up and help.

An article from the ultra-liberal New York Times (“Hell’s Bible”) is posted on the even more liberal MSNBC.

The article concerns the objections of the USCCB against pressure from the Obama Administration and/or states to force Catholic adoption agencies to allow homosexual “couples” to adopt.

You have to scroll down to the bottom of the MSNBC webpage to find the poll form.

Click here!
Friday, December 2, 2011

Stephen Colbert on the New Translation and Papa Bene Driving without a Seat Belt

Stephen Colbert gives his two cents worth on the New Translation of the Roman Missal as well as Papa Bene not wearing his seatbelt during his trip to Germany.

Of course, most of what he says is incorrect, but the satire and delivery makes it enjoyable to view.

Warning, there is profanity that is bleeped out.

Hat Tip: Thomas Peters
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interview On the Radio Today at 5pm Eastern

I will be interviewed on the radio today at 5pm (Eastern) on the In His Sign Network radio station.  They are a lay Catholic radio apostolate located in Rosemont, PA.  They broadcast daily live from 5 to 6pm (Eastern) WTMR-800 AM and on the Internet at

The interview will be about, The American Catholic, Custos Fidei, and the other Catholic websites that I operate as well as my work on the National Catholic Register.

This is my first interview and it is an already humbling experience.  Pray for me that I won't make a fool of myself!

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