Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Latin Mass, The Comeback

Catholic bloggers, especially the Sarge at The Lair of the Catholic Caveman, have been celebrating and promoting the virtues of the Latin Mass. More correctly called the Tridentine Mass. The Tridentine Mass has begun a small comeback the past few years. With the Washington Times article today about the revival of the Latin language and the Tridentine Mass, this comeback has now taken national (as well as international) proportions. Yes, there have been an article here and there across the country, but when a major daily such as the Washington Times has a feature article in their Culture section, this means it has gained recognition as a national movement towards classical Catholicism. I myself was born and grew up after Vatican II. I am somewhat aware of the elements of the Tridentine Mass but have not experienced it just yet. I have been planning on attending, but that snooze button is oh so sweet to push. You see, here in Houston only one Church, Annunciation Church, offers the Tridentine Mass. And this starts at 6AM and 8AM. For any young adult, sleep is precious, especially on the weekend. But anyways, I am making plans to attend this Sunday and look forward to experiencing the Mass of the 3rd century. From the little knowledge I know, the Tridentine Mass was officially adopted by the Latin Rite at the Council of Trent in the 16th century. In the years after the resurrection of our Lord, the Mass was widely said in Greek, but North African Christians (now eliminated thanks to Mohammad) first started using Latin in their Mass. Eventually west Europeans adopted it in the 3rd century. To read the rest of the article click here.

Cardinal: Europe On Its Deathbed

In an unusual exchange (but needed one), Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo told the U.K. ambassador to the Vatican that fertility rates across Europe were in a longterm decline (not seen in centuries). The ambassador retorted that it was 'cyclical' and besides, government programs were available or being made available to support family's. The Cardinal would have none of that as he went on reciting statistics and facts of the demographic suicide that Europe is on. All this occurred during the "The Family in the New Economy: Reflections on the Margins on Centesimus Annus". Cardinal Trujillo, the President of the Pontifical Council on the Family, spoke at this conference. Another participant, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, a Senior Fellow in Economics at the Acton Institute (which hosted the conference), had this to say about the exchange, "I thought to myself, it isn't every day that I have a Cardinal to take my part in a debate. And not only that, but the churchman was taking a much more realistic position than the politicians. While much of the secular world assumes religious people are pie-in-the-sky-dreamy-eyed, here it was the politicians who were whistling past the graveyard, dodging reality at all costs. The Cardinal was taking the long-term view, facing the problem on its own terms, which includes both economics and attitudes." For a recent posting of mine, Death of Europe, in which I go into detail explaining the cultural suicide that Europe is on click here. For more on Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse's thoughts on Europes demise click here. For the rest of this article click here.

Culture of Life Victory: Alito Confirmed

In a very partisan and contentious vote, Alito was confirmed by the U.S. Senate 58-42. Thus creating a momentous, but not final, victory over the forces of evil. Cafeteria-Catholics John Kerry and Ted Kennedy voted for the Culture of Death by placing 'no' ballots against Alito's confirmation. Less important is that the court contains five Catholics. 20 years ago this would have been thought of as unthinkable, but as mainstream Protestants continue down the cultural suicidal path of abortion on demand, the right to promote homosexual sex, and the watering down of the teachings of God. Catholics and evangelical and Pentecostal Protestants have been making inroads in the political sphere. This invigoration of faith got off to a slow start but was ignited when the Supreme Court, in the most epochal moral mistake of the 20th century, legalized abortion (on demand). With the feckless leadership of Jimmy Carter and the Caligula compartmentalizing of the immoral acts of President Clinton, the sleeping electorate that is the Christian majority of this country slowly but surely have mustered the forces of good against this evil. Let us all rejoice for only today and reflect on the long struggle yet to be fought in the Culture Wars of the 21st century. We must all pray vigilantly and be proactive in the public sphere in order to overturn the gains made by the Culture of Death. God bless the United States of America.
Monday, January 30, 2006

Rugova Converted to Catholicism

The first President of Kosovo, a 98% Albanian Muslim population, died a Christian according to a prominent Albanian Catholic priest. President Rugova was the nominal leader of Kosovo's Muslims during the conflict with Serbia. He won the presidency in Kosovo's first free election and apparently died a Christian. This is significant news only because President Rugova is a prominent Muslim leader in Europe. Although the Kosovo Conflict was based more on ethnic tensions, religion and primarily Islam, fueled the fire of the rebellion. Most Albanians worldwide are Muslim (45%), then Catholic (30%), then Orthodox (25%). Albanians were originally Christian until the Ottomans conquered the Balkans and began forced conversions through threat of death. Apparently the rumors were rampant prior to his death. An accusation he neither confirmed nor denied. Though it is said that he asked Pope John Paul II and received his conversion from his holiness. The funeral itself was not Muslim nor Christian, but non-religious, which added more fuel to the fire. Imagine that, a Muslim converting to Catholicism. Happens all the time, but for a prominent Muslim, this is awesome! For more on recent speculation click here and here. For more on President Rugova click here. For prior speculation click here.

2006 Catholic Blog Nominations Now Underway

The 2006 Catholic Blog Awards are now accepting nominations until this Friday, February 3. I'm shamelessly plugging this website in anticipation of being nominated for anything, ok maybe Best Blog by a Man or Best Presentation or Best New Blog or Best Social Commentary Blog. I really don't care, but I find this kind of cool. I've submitted my nominations already! Enjoy! Here's the link.

Pope U.S. Visit in 2007!

Looks like Pope Benedict XVI is making arrangements to visit our hedonistic country. Baltimore's Cardinal William Keeler announced a visit by Pope Benedict XVI sometime in 2007, Vatican experts anticipate October as a possible date. Baltimore seems to be on the U.S. agenda to visit so says the Cardinal. Next year will also be Pope Benedict XVI's 80th birthday, April 17. For more information click here.

Conde Update for 1-30-06 A.D.

Well my laptop is still on the fritz so I'm still blogging from the internationally renown University of St. Thomas (Houston) campus. I'm up to the middle of Exodus as far as reading the Bible is concerned. I have waaay much more to go. I can't remember it moneybags, Mr. Marine (NSD), or Fidei Defensor is attempting to read the entire Bible for their 2006 resolution as well. My small business is in a crucial 4-5 week period of survival, please pray for my success! Crossing the Tiber is one long book. It's heavy on theology and very interesting, but it's a bit much. So I read it in between customers at night. Saga of the Seven Suns book 4 is a great read. I read it at my local Borders or Barne's and Noble so as to prevent a hole in my pocket from getting any bigger. Surprised by Faith 2 is also good reading, but I think I'll pass on Patrick Madrid's 3rd book. I've been reading a lot of conversion stories, that's may favorite topic for the moment it seems. Just like two years ago when I discovered the treasure trove of John Wayne movies! McClintock is a great movie for western fans. Some of Clint Eastwood's stuff isn't bad either. Yeah, if it's not apparent by now, I looove reading books. Well, that's about it. Off to the Catholic blogosphere!!! (or is it blogsphere?) Besides praying the Rosary each day for Lent, I'm thinking of abstaining from TV as well. What are you guys going to do for Lent?
Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prelude to Clash

Prelude to the Clash of Civilizations: Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, wins Palestinian authority elections. Wants to 'obliterate' Israel. President Ahmadinejad of Iran wants Israel wiped off the map. Is developing nuclear technology. Is a big oil supplier to China and a customer to Russia for nuclear technology. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela cranks up anti-American rhetoric causing the price of oil to shoot up to $90 a barrel. Russia and China doesn't want European nor United States intervention in Iran because of their nuclear and oil interests respectively. Especially in light of United States military forces that surround Iran in Afghanistan and Iraq. Turkey receives a cold reception in asking for entrance into the European Union. Muslims stage an intifidah in France and neighboring countries by burning cars, destroying municipal buildings, and private property for over a month. Pretty scary stuff. Sounds like the 21st century movie version of 'Red Dawn'. Thank goodness Pope Benedict XVI came out with DEUS CARITAS EST, Christian Love.

Shake Up in Anti-Christ Poll

Mahmoud al-Zahar and Sheik Nasrallah crash the Anti-Christ Top-10 poll in spectacular fashion. Due to these current events, President Ahmadinejad stays at number two but is leapfrogged by Mahmoud al-Zahar. With the Middle East seizing the international limelight due to Iran's Hitler-like President and Hamas Nazi party, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia gains for prestige due to his countries control of Islamic holy sites. In the wake of the French Intifadah, President Chirac drops a few spots while Senator Clinton makes a move towards the international stage as the 2008 U.S. presidential election starts creeping onto the radar screen. I previously hadn't put Osama Bin Laden in the poll rankings because of his limited resources and power, but like President Ahmadinejad, has the power to mobilize millions of Muslims towards Jihad with a single sentence. 1. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar. A well funded terrorist organization via Iran, they openly want and is stated in the Hamas charter the complete destruction of Israel. After winning the elections, Mahmoud al-Zahar is in the center of the Middle East peace process which makes for a pretty complicated peaceful scenario to arise. Be extremely wary of his overtures for peace, false hope comes from false promises. 2. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, figure head, but can sway public opinion with his outrageous statements of wanting to 'wipe Israel off the map'. 3. Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei of Iran, Supreme Leader of Iran (succeeded Ayatollah Komeini). Wants to destroy Israel with any means necessary. 4. King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. He and his family dynasty has been directly funding the building of mosques and the training of militant Islamic clerics which helped to produce the perpetrators of 9/11. 5. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. The number one funded Islamic terrorist group by Iran. Nasrallah, a Shi'ite Muslim, takes credit for pushing the Israeli's out of southern Lebanon and is currently subjugating Christians and Sunni Muslims wherever they are in control. This is a violent Islamic terrorist organization that will do anything, including planting a nuclear bomb in Tel Aviv, to reach its objectives of creating a Caliphate in the Middle East. 6. Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, has missile technology that can deliver nuclear bombs to the west coast of the United States. Currently developing nuclear weapons in open defiance of the U.N. 7. General-Secretary Kofi Anan of the U.N., elected by the majority of countries that don't hold democratic elections themselves. For a bureaucrat with strict Internationalist and liberal leanings, having the power in the magnitude of the U.N. is not needed for a closet anti-Semite like Mr. Anan. 8. Osama Bin Laden Almost incapacitated, but still able to operate - though weakly 9. Shamil Basayev, de facto Chechen rebel leader. Wants to create a Caliphate in Central Asia. Has the people and the determination to willingly use a nuclear bomb if it is given to him. Is he really dead? 10. President Hu Jintao of Communist China. Is building a near-super power that may rival the U.S. in 20 years time. President Hu Jintao represents a repressive regime that is willing to kill its own citizens to stay in power. A regime that doesn't allow for freedom of religion. A regime that is militarily hostile to its immediate neighbors with a proven history of conquest and subjugation. Followed by the destruction of local culture and language. Dishonorable mention: President Jacque Chirac of France, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Will do everything, even at the cost of losing his soul, to undermine every single U.S. foreign policy effort of domestic security. Apparently he is also willing to do nothing when it comes to Muslim insurgents rampaging all across France for the 13th consecutive night. He seems to be heading into lame duck status with his falling approval ratings in the wake of French Muslim Intifadah. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. Senator Clinton wants to be P.O.T.U.S. She wants to perpetuate the Clinton ideals of socialism, universal healthcare, contempt for Christianity in order to bring back the good old days of Caligula, I mean her husband Bill. President Bill Clinton of the U.S., is eyeing the General-Secretary position of the U.N. Would then work diligently to undermine the effectiveness of the U.S. in resolving internal matters. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. With his anti-American rhetoric going into high gear, he can prove unpredictable for a man sitting on the largest oil reserves in the America's. Just imagine a Latino Jimmy Carter with an ego. Yeah, it's that scary. President Jimmy Carter. Argueable the worst 20th century U.S. president ever, could be the sentimental choice for the Secretary-General seat of the U.N. Now that would be scary! For the previous poll click here.

Hamas, Islamic Resistance Movement

Hamas is officially called the Islamic Resistance Movement. In Arabic it is Harakat al-Muqawima al-Islamiyya, the acronym makes 'Hamas'. Hamas' stated aim is for Israel's destruction, to push Israel into the sea. Originally Hamas was an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood; this offshoot was Hizb ut Tahrir and formed in the West Bank. The Muslim Brotherhood is the first Islamic terrorist group to organize in the 20th century. Later the Muslim Brotherhood merged with al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden's terrorist organization that wants to impose Islam on the world by first destroying the United States. It has a social wing that was originally independent of Hamas. They built hospitals and schools, but this was largely funded by Israel to help modernize the Palestinian Muslims; an attempt at civilizing Muslims. This was later abandoned as this social organization eventually merged with Hamas. The name Hamas formally came into use in 1988 with a charter calling for the destruction of Israel. Some random quotes from its charter is as follows: "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." "The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Moslem generations until judgment Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. " "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors." "After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying." Currently Hamas has won the Palestinian Authorities (PA) parliamentary elections. Hamas, now representing the PA government, is open conflict with the official PA statement of recognizing Israel's right to exist. The United States wants Hamas to renounce their charter before the PA can begin negotiations of a peace settlement and receive aid. Suprisingly the European Union found its spine and is demanding the same of Hamas. What makes this worse is that Iran supports Hamas through funding and training. We all know that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map". Plus with Iran's ambitions of attaining nuclear technology this is looking like a prelude to a clash of civilizations. For a history of Hamas click here. For general facts of Hamas click here. For a quick review of the founder of the Palestinian Authorities leader Yasir Arafat and his ties to the Nazi's and the wanting of death for all Jews click here.

Hitler's Muslim

Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini was born in Jerusalem from a prominent Muslim family. He became the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the de-facto leader if Arab Muslims after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. An infamous relative of the Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini is Yasir Arafat, his nephew. Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini wanted to eliminate every single Jew that were present in Arab land either by conversion, expulsion, or destruction. Before and during World War II he actively engaged and embraced Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's. Mufti Amin al-Husseini recruited and sent 20,000 Muslim volunteers to help the SS in killing Jews in Croatia and Hungary. Al-Huisseni actively proclaimed the elimination of Jews his entire lifetime. After World War II he was detained by the French but escaped to Cairo. He later left for Beirut where he died in 1974. Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini is the product of Islam. Being the leading Islamic cleric of his day and his open association with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's will foretell the plight of the Palestinian Muslim for generations to come. Yasir Arafat referred to his infamous uncle as "our hero al-Husseini" as a symbol of Palestinian Arab resistance. For a review of Hitler's Mufti click here. For a brief overview of the meeting between Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolph Hitler click here. For notes on this meeting between Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolph Hitler click here. For the actual minutes of this meeting between Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolph Hitler click here. For many more pictures of Nazi and SS collaboration with Muslims click here. For FrontPageMagazine article on Hitler's Mufti and Anti-Semitism click here. For commentary on Hitler's Mufti click here. For more information on the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini sitting down with Adolph Hitler to discuss the Final Solution click here. For the Catholic Leagues take on Hitler's Mufti click here.

Hollywood Doesn't Get It

After the homosexual cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain received several Golden Globe awards, the box office sales skyrocketed. This placed Brokeback up to number Five? Number Five (5)?! Why Hollywood doesn't get it and still can't make a decent film without promoting homosexual sex, bestiality, adultery, and uncommitted non-consequential sex. Why Hoodwinked the animated film about Little Red Riding Hood beat out the homosexual engaging cowpokes for the weekend of January 20-22, following the Golden Globes. After the Passion of the Christ and Narnia, Hollywood is still caught up in their perverted filth of imagination. For box office figures click here.
Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogroll Round Up 1-27-06 A.D.

I've seen others do this, so I figure why not me! A great excuse to plug other blogs that I enjoy reading. First one of course is Tischreden, formerly Ut Unum Sint, by Bill Cork. This blog is kept by a former Lutheran pastor who is now home in our Catholic faith. It has lots of good information on Houston area Catholic happenings as well as high brow dissections of many other bloggers comments and opinions. The readers of this blog are either religious or considering religious vocation, or could be but have different callings. The comments are thus very informative and sometimes entertaining. The second plug I'd like to point out is + + relapsed catholic + + by Kathy Shaidle. Never have I appreciated such consistent, quality sarcasm, from a Catholic perspective no less, than Kathy Shaidle. I've blogged about her blog before and I certainly have linked to her many a time. So of course I'm going talk about her blog! Another blog I enjoy is L.A. Catholic by Quintero. It's incisive commentary on the L.A. Catholic scene. Unfortunately L.A. seems to be falling into heresy and only Quintero seems able to blog about it (Come one, out of 5 million Angelinos, only on LA Catholic blog?). Mr. Quintero has an excellent grasp of the Catechism and he isn't shy about pointing out the blatant borderline liturgical abuses common throughout Cardinal Mahoney's archdiocese. The neophyte from the frozen tundra attending college is Fidei Defensor and his College Catholic blog. This is what a blog is if you follow the 'literal' definition, that of someone writing of his or her experience online. Great insight on University life and it's also heartwarming to know that College age Catholics are strong in their faith. This guy could be the next Andrew Sullivan... in a Catholic way, not cafeteria-Catholic. The Lair of the Catholic Caveman by a former Marine is hard-core Catholic. Just imagine CVSTOS FIDEI all grown up, mature, and grandfatherly. Yeah, that's me in about 40-50 years (grandfather part sooner I pray). If you are Ted Kennedy or a cafeteria-Catholic, then don't bother going to this website, you might collapse from a sudden punch-in-your-mouth-truth! This guys is the Michael Savage of Catholic blogging. The Cafeteria is Closed by Gerald Augustinus is niiice. It sounds better than reading 'niiice'. Anyways, this guy looks like he eats live chickens all day long and works out in between. He's a convert and he knows his stuff. Good, solid, hard hitting analysis of the secular world from a new Catholic's eyes. Others worth reading are Off the Record by Diogenes, Seattle Catholic, Thoughts of a Regular Guy (he aint regular, that's his M.O. This guy is polite and very sharp), and The Curt Jester. All of these, especially the first four, are excellent reads. Depending on your tastes, I highly recommend any of the above. As for me, I looove humor, so I'm off to Kathy's blog! God bless.

Christian Love

DEUS CARITAS EST is the first encyclical written by Pope Benedict XVI on Christian Love. I've read the first couple of paragraphs and so far I like it... very much. A great way to start his papacy with that on love. Goes to show everyone that he isn't going to be his dogmatic self when he was a Cardinal. Love in too many ways has been distorted, twisted, and redefined in secular society. I'm glad that the Vicar of Christ came out with this. For the entire encyclical in English, click here.

Houston 1836

That's the name of Houstons new Major League Soccer team from San Jose. The Houston 1836. In honor of General Sam Houston who founded the city of Houston as well as the new country of Texas in 1836. Due to a combination of General Santa Ana's incompetence at putting down the Texian rebellion and an influx of thousands upon thousands of legal and (mostly) illegal Americans entering the Province of Texas, which was then Mexican territory. Now over a million plus legal and illegal Mexicans will be able to cheer for their new futbol team here in Houston! 36ers! Viva los 36ers! Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole. Oleeeee, oleeeee! For the teams website click here.
Thursday, January 26, 2006

Catholic Priest Blesses Hooters

A Catholic priest by the name of Monsignor Isidore Rozycki of St. Martin Parish in Tours, TX blessed the opening of a new Hooters restaurant in Waco, TX. Dozens of Protestant ministers wrote a letter to city and county officials, saying Hooters should not come to Waco. This is deeply embarrassing to know that a Catholic priest would bless an establishment that openly objectifies women in this secular culture. Especially after being given the title of monsignor by Pope John Paul the Great nearly a year ago to the day. Monsignor Isidore Rozycki should be ashamed of himself to be upstaged by our Protestant brothers for endorsing a racy establishment such as Hooters. Shame on Father Isidore Rozycki. For the article click here. For the Houston Chronicle article click here. For national coverage of this embarrassment to Texas Catholics (and worldwide) click here.

Joke of the Day: Cowboy Up!

I can't remember who told me this joke or where I heard this before, but I enjoyed it thoroughly so I am posting it for all of my avid readers! Warning: If you're a guilty white liberal, a practicing Salafist Muslim, or have been brainwashed in the U.S. public school system and/or re-educated in a secular university you may experience dillusional thoughts of political correctness with expressions of great anger on your face and bodily contortions of flailing arms. If you're not a guilty white liberal, a practicing Salafist Muslim, or any of the above, you may experience laughter, unusual facial contortions, and an urgency to tell other friends and/or acquaintances of this great new joke. And now for the joke... There are three college students studying together in a crowded coffee house for a United States History final exam. One is an American Indian student, one is a Muslim foreign exchange student, and the last student is a cowboy. After a long session of studying the American Indian student laments to his two other study partners and says: "Once we were many in this land, now we are scattered and few." The Muslim student followed up and said: "There are few of us here in your infidel country, but soon we will multiply, become many and create an American caliphate!" The cowboy looked at both of them and exclaimed to the Muslim student: "You wait and see, we haven't played Cowboys and Muslims yet!"
Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Religion Flourishes Worldwide

An interesting article reexaming the infamous tag (Is God Dead?) 40 years ago that religion is still flourishing and those that profess obedience to God outnumber atheists 11-1. For some of us Catholics, we are already aware of the poor coverage of our Faith in regards to the resurgence of Christianity here in the United States. This article goes in detail to the reasons for this prognostication but dances around the fact that the media still reports this news, as well as everything else, through secular eyes. Why avoid it? Because these elites, these sophisticates are living in denial. They don't want to admit (again) that they are wrong about Christians, about the fervency of our faith, about the importance of God in everyday (both private AND PUBLIC) life. For the article click here.

Catholicism and the Modern Age

A great article written by the venerable George Weigel. George Weigel writes of the difficulty that Catholicism has had in engaging with the modern age. He writes of the conflicts that arouse after the French revolution and its spawning of anti-Christianity. He also goes on to write of how the American Revolution of 1776 helped open the eyes of the Catholic Church to the separation of Church and state, but also how this great country derives from its Christian roots sustenance that make us great. An excellent read. For more click here.

Winning the Culture Wars... ...Not So Fast

This article conveys the idea that we, Pro-Life movement (Culture of Life), are winning the abortions wars. I would caution against acknowledging or admitting, true or not, that we are winning the abortions wars until after Roe v. Wade is overturned. There's no need to galvanize the Culture of Death to be more belligerent in the Culture Wars. For more on this (and other) overly optimistic article(s) click here and here.


Still having problems repairing my doorstop, err, I mean my laptop. Apparently the female power inlay is defective so it's relatively easy to repair. The problem is that when taking apart my laptop there is one screw that is embedded inside the laptop itself that is very difficult to reach. Anyways, just explaining my absence from blogging. Now that classes have started up again here at the University of St. Thomas (Houston), computer hours are extended which allows me more time to blog without having to rush through Houston's infamous traffic. Time to blog!
Friday, January 20, 2006

New York City the Capital of the Culture of Death

40% of pregnancies in New York city end in abortion, that is planned abortion. For every 100 births, there are 74 abortions performed according to new numbers released from Vital Statistics. This certainly goes a long way in explaining why New York city votes for liberal candidates, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. The city is overwhelming Democrat as well. I would tag New York city as the Capital of the Culture of Death due to these facts as well as Senators Schumer and Clinton are pro-abortion Democrats. For more on this article click here.

Thought Police in Europe

The European Union (EU) recently passed a resolution banning 'homophobia'. This apply's to all EU member states. On the face of it, this resolution will prevent harm towards those that practice homosexuality. But below the surface this law can enable radical secularist governments from jailing priests to removing the freedom of speech from their citizens, to the instruction of homosexuality being 'good' in the classrooms of innocent heterosexual children. This is the beginning of the end of the freedom of speech and the pushing to the margins of religion, specifically Christianity. For the rest of the article click here.

Pope Soda Pop: Orangina

Orangina is a French (or is it Italian?) orange drink somewhat similar to Orange Crush back here in the states. The reason why I'm blogging about this is that I've read a book and several online articles that references Pope Benedict XVI sitting down having an Orangina with his dinner or as a late night drink. Once in his book while he was Cardinal Ratzinger in "Salt of the Earth" and recently in an Atlantic Monthly Magazine article that talks about Pope Benedict XVI. For more on Salt of the Earth by (then) Cardinal Ratzinger click here. For the Atlantic Monthly article click here. For some Orangina click here.
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

American Idiot

The confirmation hearings on Judge Alito have been quite caustic last week, especially among the Democrats. Being fair-minded it can accurately be stated that Senators Ted Kennedy (Massachusetts) and Joe Biden (Delaware) were quite sophomoric in their antics, grandstanding in their questioning, and out of bounds on their accusations. Both are alleged Catholics that don't follow their Faith at all. Ted Kennedy has been by far the most vocal and ignorant in his rants against Judge Alito. His attempts at tagging Judge Alito as a misogynist and bigot because of his association with a Princeton alumni group because of a satirical essay written by this Princeton alumni group. This essay satired about why women and minorities shouldn't be allowed on the Princeton campus. What gets my gander is Ted Kennedy was reading from this statement thinking it was an actual position of this alumni group. Amplifying that this was an only all-male society. Today I hear now that Ted Kennedy is distancing himself from his own Harvard alumni group. This alumni group was kicked off of the Harvard campus about 20 years ago because it was an all-male 'fraternity'. Ted Kennedy has been a member for over 50 years. What an idiot.
Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thought of the Day: Pro-Choice Catholics

If there is ever an oxymoron example of a term it is Pro-Choice Catholics. This is a grave sin to support the killing of unborn children. What am I suppose to do if I am aware of a Catholic who is an ardent supporter of the Culture of Death? What am I suppose to do if this Catholic is a prominent and active member of parish life as well as a leader of an organ of the Culture of Death? Outside of prayer, if I don't say anything about such Catholics, am I committing a sin of omission? Or am suppose to worry only about my sins and let God deal with these malcontents? Is it not a sin if I remain silent with the knowledge of prominent Catholics misleading other Catholics from example as well as from active engagement? Are the deaths of innocent unborn children on my hands if I don't 'call out' prominent Catholics who openly and without shame nor sense of moral compass continue to not only lead other Catholics to abortions but is also a leader of the Catholic community here in Houston? I ask my fellow bloggers, clergy and laity, what am I suppose to do? I'll pray about this.
Saturday, January 14, 2006

Praised be Jesus Christ, our Crucified and Risen Lord!

Next month Archbishop DiNardo will be replacing Archbishop Fiorenza as the head of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. I pray for a new day in an increase of vocations... I pray for a springtime of Faith... I pray for liturgical purity... I pray for Archbishop DiNardo... A new day indeed!!! Let the world (at least Houston) rejoice! Amen, amen I say to you, as we in the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese enter a new era where being Catholic will not be anything to be ashamed of no more. God bless Archbishop DiNardo.

Europe May Force Priests To Marry Homosexuals

In another disturbing trend in Europe, the European Union may force clergy to marry sodomite couples. The EU's Network of Independent Experts on Human Rights states "...that 'right of access' should take precedence over rights of conscience for clergy or registrars." And liberals still claim they are open minded and freedom lovers. They want a police state to enforce their views on others. That's the freedom liberals and secularists want for us. Riiiight. The last few times liberals had absolute power we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation with the Soviet Union. The liberals utopia of the perfect society. For more on the article click here. In other police state, I mean, European Union edicts, the EU is forcing Spain to drop the tax exemption for the Catholic Church. For this article click here.
Friday, January 13, 2006

Scott Adams on the Haj Stampede

Hat tip to + + relapsed catholic + + . "I think it's interesting that when you pray to God for a new bike, it hardly ever materializes in your bedroom within seconds. But when you throw stones at the devil, quite often you get an immediate response. That's an example of good customer service." For the posting click here. In other related news, Lourdes reported its 53,656th stamped-free day. For more on this related news item click here.

No, Not French Benefits, Nobody Benefits From Being French

Well today seems like a good day to be silly. Everyone has heard the legend that Michelangelo designed the Swiss Guard uniforms. Well it is the 500th anniversary of the installation of the Swiss Guard as the official gate keepers of the Vatican. And many myths are being dispelled. One of which is that Michelangelo did not design the uniforms. They have those distinctive colors that represents the Medici family, in honor of Pope Clement VII. They are stylized because it made it easier to distinguish between friend and foe during combat. Other legends are dispelled as well. Like the one about the Leaning Tower of Pizza. For the rest of the article click here (scroll to the bottom to get to this article).

Pope Assails Legal Status of Non-Marital Unions

Pope Benedict XVI says it is a grave error to give legal status to unions other than marriage, because that clouds the functions of the family the article says. I tend to agree. One, it violates and waters the Sacrament of Marriage. Two, it is another factor contributing to the decline of Western Civilization. Three, it goes against natural law. Four, and most importantly, it goes against God. Pope Benedict XVI goes on to say that "It is not a question of peculiar norms of Catholic morality, but of elementary truths that affect our common humanity... ...It is essential to respect them for the good of the individual and of society." Amen. For the rest of the article click here.

Pro-Life Ads Defaced In San Francisco

Due to the lack of ideas and the inability to respond with a coherent argument, many riders of the BART subway system have defaced Pro-Life advertisements on their carriages. The Respect Life Ministry of the Oakland Diocese has paid $43,200 to display these pro-life ads through the end of January. Many of these ads have been written on, pasted over, torn up, ripped off, and removed completely. Even the extras that BART has to replace the defaced ads have been exhausted and the Oakland Diocese is trying to print many news one. In fact the Oakland Diocese is asking for an extension of these ads due to the shortened period of time these ads have been exposed to due to these vandals. It's apparent that San Francisco is the West Coast capitol of Deviant Sexual activities. Many people have been brainwashed into believing the Culture of Death mantra of abortion on demand. This goes to show everyone how shallow minded these people are that their response is to vandalize a message. We should pray for these sodomites and their supporters from the Culture of Death. For the article click here. The Catholic League weighs in on this situation.

Thought of the Day: Romanian Roman Catholics

What is the proper term for Catholics from Romania? Are they Romanian Roman Catholics? Roman Catholic Romanians? Romanian Catholics? Catholic Romanians? Romanian Roman Catholics of the Roman Rite? Just curious though. Somewhat along the lines of Latino Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite or Latino Roman Catholics of the Roman Rite. OK, it's pretty nonsensical. Just food for thought.

University of Wisconsin Bans Bible Study

The president of the state of Wisconsins university system is reviewing a policy that bans Bible study groups from operating in residence halls and lead by university staff. This comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed in federal court by a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student over religious discrimination. Wow, the secularists really do have a stranglehold on our institutions of higher learning. To the point of openly discriminating against Christians and Christian literature. Let's pray for the conversion of these heathens so that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit to do what is right in this alleged free society we live in. For more on the article click here.

Pope Meets With Beslan Children

It seems that the Holy Father was moved by his encounter with the children who survived the Beslan massacre. The Beslan massacre was conducted by Muslim Chechens demanding independence from Russia. The religion of peace has adherents who travel thousands of miles away from their homeland to kill 186 children to make a point. Mohammad would be so proud. For the article click here. For more about the religion of peace click here. For more about the founder of the religion of peace click here. To learn more about these leaders of the religion of peace click here.

Planned Parenthood Mocks Catholics

Planned Parenthood is mocking our faith by selling key chains with the picture of Michelangelo's fresco in the Sistine Chapel by placing a condom in the hand of Adam as he reaches out to God. That is blasphemous and deeply disturbing. Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life Leagues STOPP International, said "Planned Parenthood offends religious people with its key chain that shows a portion of the famous painting from the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo gave us a beautiful image of Adam stretching out his hand to God, with God's index finger about to touch Adam's index finger," said Sedlak. "In Planned Parenthood's blasphemous version, God is handing Adam a condom. Sedlak also says that "Planned Parenthood goes on to offend parents with its key chain that shows a caricature of a loudly crying baby," said Sedlak. "Planned Parenthood's slogan accompanying the caricature states, 'Condoms are cheaper than diapers.'" Time to notify the Catholic League and other bloggers in Connecticut, where the Planned Parenthood keychains are being sold from, to create awareness of this truly sick advertisement campaign. For more click here. For the Catholic League click here.
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Death of Europe

I have updated a previous blog entry, "Sick Man of the World, Europe" of mine since the subject of Europe in Decline has been a running theme these past few days. I found it appropriate to repost this entry for you all (with a couple of minor changes). Europeans view the United States as a regressive imperial power bent on world domination. They say we are without culture, morally bankrupt, gun-toting, free-market extremists who understand little of the machinations of current events outside our own backyards. Let us put this in perspective. Europe, the self-proclaimed great moralist and denouncers of evil has produced two World Wars, the Jewish genocide, and three totalitarian systems. The National Socialists, Nazi's, the Communists, and the Fascists. All of these systems were based on creating a government that serves the ‘greater good of man’, i.e., the greater good being the state. The state would be responsible for guaranteeing a job, social security in form of a welfare state, socialized medicine to preserve the health of man, and numerous other state funded enterprises that were "morally relative" to the betterment of mankind. These are all noble endeavors on face value. But you would think the Europeans would know better than to fall for this claptrap again (Nazism, Fascism, and Communism). With hindsight the Europeans should think twice about giving power to the state as opposed to the people. With foresight the Europeans should be able to project the ramifications of the many social programs they have in place. Neither of these options has the Europeans clearly pursued. I am no sociological expert, but I do read reports, articles, journals, i.e., almost every imaginable current events periodical available. With this said, I can clearly say that two issues have risen that are indisputable in regards to Europe. One is the drop of European birth rates and two is that if these rates continue, the depopulation of Europe is certain. I will not go into the numbers, but it is safe to say that 18 European countries are experiencing birth replacement rates that are insufficient in sustaining the same population level. Meaning that their populations will decrease within the next 20 years. Taking into consideration immigration and other social factors that could avert this crisis, there is insufficient evidence to prove otherwise that Europe is facing a demographic time bomb. There are many variables causing the decrease in population. Too many to state, but for now it is fact that many families are starting to have less and less children. Many people are putting off marriage, for whatever reasons, later in life. Sometimes to the detriment of having children because many of these women are starting late into their child bearing years which makes it dangerous to have children and limits how many children you want. Plus the costs involved in new technologies to induce pregnancies are affordable to the very few who go down this avenue. Notwithstanding that even when a couple decides to have a family early in life, they choose not to have more than one in most cases, two in very rare cases. Many couples even choose not get married in order to have children. Many couples choose not to have children, regardless if they are married or not. With increased economic affluence it is generally agreed upon that people tend to have smaller and smaller families. What are the contributing factors towards this? With so many social programs available for those having children, you would think that there would be fewer reasons to not have more children. Allow me to state the reasons why this is so. With the now famous European panache for two month vacations from work, increased benefits for work related injuries, shortened work weeks, socialized healthcare, et al. Many Europeans are becoming more and more self-absorbed in satisfying their lust for leisure. I am not against leisure, but it is true that “too much of a good thing is too much”. Many Europeans have decided that they are not beholden to anyone, hence the self-absorption. Like the state hasn’t done enough for subsidizing a lazy lifestyle already. Again, many people marvel and admire the social programs in most European countries to the point of holding it as infallible dogma that the state is the answer to all of man’s ills. Even many Americans hold to this view due to their proficient travels in Europe, studying everything and anything European to the point of self automated brainwashing that anything European is good and right and anything American that contradicts this is bad and wrong. I tend to call these people secular fundamentalists, other people call them Democrats or Liberals. To find a middle ground, let’s call them ‘secular humanists’ or ‘hedonists’ in layman’s terms. Without going into details of the European single mindedness admiration of ‘hedonism’. I would theorize that ever since European man began to question his own existence and rejected the idea of being beholden to a higher power, i.e., God. European man began to experiment with the most deviant of ideas ever manifested in the history of humankind. This in direct correlation created the not so great calamities of the 20th century. The French Revolution begot Robespierre and his ilk. "I think therefore I am". The famous quote by Descartes exemplifies this correctly. Europeans believing that they were created without the ominous direction of God, began to stray away from their Christian heritage and they began to question morality in general. All of which began to bring the idea of relativism into the hearts and minds of Europeans. This has led them down the dark path of secular humanism. Which has produced some of the most monstrous ideas and leaders in human history from Karl Marx, Maximilien Robespierre, Adolph Hitler, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Joseph Stalin to name a few. What does this have to do with depopulation? Well Europe has not experienced a depopulation of this magnitude ever. The next 20 years this depopulation will eclipse the Black Plague in scope and breadth. Because of the Europeans fascination of a welfare state in conjunction to the embracing of moral relativism, simultaneously rejecting Christian values which has been replaced by the new religion of secular humanism. Social attitudes progressing from the sanctity of marriage to the sanctity of ‘if it feels good do it’ will destabilize the welfare state as it stands today. This will occur. I repeat, this will occur because of the Europeans resistance to change, especially to their treasured social programs. As an example, everyone has witnessed French union workers protesting as recently as mid-May of 2005 the elimination of one of their 17 holidays as well as changing the work week from 35 hours back to 40 hours. Almost all economists and government policy wonks understand that all social programs from social security to national healthcare require a tax base to pay for these programs. The more tax payers the better the benefits. Well, this tax base will be decreasing within the next 20 years and the graying of the European population, especially when the demographic population bubble called baby boomers (European equivalent) reaches pension age, will strain the system. The social programs will either have to be cut back dramatically or taxes will have to be raised much higher from a smaller tax base. This is a recipe for disaster. Anyone reading this column can safely surmise that at best there will be riots on the streets of Europe if any changes do occur. At worst we will see the collapse of governments and civil war due to this demographic time bomb. For an excellent analysis of the problems of Europe by Victor Davis Hanson click here. For a great Op Ed from the USA Today click here. Much of my research on the subject is from Oriana Fallaci in "The Rage and the Pride" and George Weigel in "The Cube and the Cathedral". As early as 2000 there was a book written about the Death of Europe, click here for this link.

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