Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dutch Set to Expand Euthanasia Guidelines - AP

The march of moral relativism in the Netherlands will allow doctors to terminate lives at the patients request. The Dutch are a generation away of fulfilling the Nazi dream of selective breeding.
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The Dutch government intends to expand its current euthanasia policy, setting guidelines for when doctors may end the lives of terminally ill newborns with the parents' consent, The Associated Press has learned.

False Portrayal of 9/11 Hero Priest as "Gay" Blasted -

The blatant attempt by the New York Times to coopt an American hero for their gay agenda is appaling.
WASHINGTON, D.C., September 28, 2005, ( - The old saying "tell a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it" has been reinforced by the events surrounding the hijacking of Fr. Mychal Judge's reputation after his heroics during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Mother Russia now sees more abortions than babies born - The Times (UK)

Russia is suffering a population decline that will only get worse before, it that, it gets better. After 70 plus years of an atheistic government that pushed free abortion as a form of contraception, the drug-like addiction to this secular policy has produced a demographic nightmare for Russia. If secularists in America continue to push Americans away from God and promote Culture of Death values of abortion, contraception, and same-sex unions, the United States will, along with Europe, within a generation be suffering the same circumstances that Russia is experiencing today.

A new wave of persecution against Chinese Catholics -

Beijing (AsiaNews) – While there are signs of improvement in ties between the Vatican and Bejing, the Hebei government has launched a new campaign of persecution against the clandestine Catholic Church throughout the region. The campaign aims to have all Catholics, especially bishops and priests, registered with the State Office for Religious Affairs and to make them sign up to the Patriotic Association. "It seems we have gone back to the times of the Cultural Revolution, with intransigence and persecution," was the view of one believer.

The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom - The Heritage Foundation

Americans have come to tolerate, embrace and even champion many things that would have horrified their parents' generation – from easy divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers. Does that mean today's Americans are inherently more morally confused and depraved than previous generations? Of course not, says veteran journalist David Kupelian, but they have fallen victim to some of the most stunningly brilliant and compelling marketing campaigns in modern history. The Marketing of Evil reveals how much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped and sold as though it had great value. Highly skilled marketers, playing on deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance, have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which generations since America’s Founding regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

God Without Consequences? We Can't Have It Both Ways

The Anti-War demonstrations on Washington this week were staged amid two hurricanes that dominated the national news. Being a Christian, we are against war. But we should also practice our Faith when in war as well. It would be wrong to pull out of Iraq and let the Muslim terrorists turn Iraq into another terrorist lab experiment vis-a-vis Afghanistan. These protestors may think they are protesting for a noble cause, but they also are a remnant of a generation that protested the Vietnam War and succeeded in forcing U.S. troops out. The end result was millions of refugees, religious persecutions, forced relocation of minorities, and political unrest. Sometimes people never learn.

Learning History, Before Repeating It

We as Christians need to understand our heritage. This includes our history. We must remember that Jesus was a Jew and our Faith originated in the Holy Land. Where is the Holy Land you say? It's in the middle east. For almost 350 years since the Ascension of Christ, Christians lived as outcasts of the Roman Empire. Our Faith spread from the Holy Land all throughout the Roman Empire. From Jerusalem to present day Jorday, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, north Africa, and eventually Rome and the rest of Europe. With the legal recognition of Christianity, our Faith enjoyed the freedom to worship our Lord. Christianity blossomed in the Middle East under Pax Romana for the next 250 years, until the birth of Islam. Yes, the Middle East for almost 600 years was predominantly Christian before Islam conquered her through military conquest. Enjoy the article for it explains the root causes of slavery in the Americas and where it came from, from a religious perspective.

Eugenio Zolli’s Path to Rome - Ignatius Insight

It’s little wonder that biographer Judith Cabaud considers Eugenio Zolli one of the most remarkable men of the twentieth century. Born in 1881 in Ukraine, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Zolli's baby boy was given the first name Israel. Sixty years later he was chief Rabbi of Rome. In 1944, while in the synagogue celebrating Yom Kippur, Zolli experienced a mystical vision of Jesus Christ. Within a year he was baptized a Catholic at which time he changed his first name from Israel to Eugenio, the same Christian name as Pope Pius XII. He did this to honor the Pope for the help he gave Jews trying to escape the Nazi's extermination program during World War II.

Church is apostolic, not bigoted - The Heights

I found the comments of Alice McDermott, as related in the article in Monday's edition ("Women examine church's gender bias"), both offensive and misleading. An accusation of bigotry leveled against any person or organization is very serious, and it must be backed up with valid evidence. Instead Ms. McDermott presents a series of broken analogies which make very little sense.

Discarded Placentas and Stem Cells - PittChronicle

Routinely discarded as medical waste, placental tissue could feasibly provide an abundant source of cells with the same potential to treat diseases and regenerate tissues as their more controversial counterparts, embryonic stem cells, suggests a Pitt study published in the journal Stem Cells. A part of the placenta called the amnion, or the outer membrane of the amniotic sac, comprises cells that have strikingly similar characteristics to embryonic stem cells, including the ability to express two key genes that give embryonic stem cells their unique capability for developing into any kind of specialized cell, Pitt researchers report. And according to the results of their studies, these so-called amniotic epithelial cells could in fact be directed to form liver, pancreas, heart, and nerve cells under the right laboratory conditions.

Massachusetts Superintendent Instructs Schools: Parents Do Not Have to be Informed About “Diversity” Classes -

LEXINGTON, Mass, September 26, 2005 ( – After a Massachusetts school board decided to incorporate so-called diversity training in its classes, which includes indoctrination in the homosexual lifestyle, local superintendent Paul Ash notified schools that parents need not be contacted about the program.

Hurricane Rita: The Day After

I am residing still here in Austin as I sigh a relief that Hurricane Rita didn't do as much damage as I was expecting. Hearing from my roommate, my home in Houston sustained almost no damage. With the exception of my back door, my home escapted unscathed. I will stay in Austin for a day or two more until the traffic to Houston dies down. I believe that the evacuation of Houston was done under the best possible circumstances. Yes, the stalled vehicles on I-10 and the frustration of the pace of evacuating was aggravating, but overall, I believe that the citizens of Houston and the surrounding areas did a fine job of being good Christians. As well as taking every precaution necessary for the safety of family and friends. Mayor White did what was expected and did it with minimal damage and problems. I doubt any other person, including Rudolph Gulianni, could have done a better job. Regardless, I am very happy to be safe and secondly I am very happy that my home escaped major damage. The resiliance of my family and friends and the prayers were certainly appreciated and very helpful. Thank you Lord for providing me the fortitude and relationships to be here today! God bless you all.

Bishops endorse signature campaign against same-sex marriage legislation - Catholic News Agency

Boston, Sep. 21, 2005 (CNA) - The four Catholic bishops of Massachusetts have endorsed ''Protect Marriage Sunday" — a one-day signature-gathering campaign that organizers hope will advance a 2008 ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage. The bishops have or will soon send letters to parishioners urging them to sign the petition.

Ex-Lesbian Wants Homosexual Magazines Out of Local Library - American Family Association

(AgapePress) - A former lesbian who became a Christian is among several residents calling on a local library to remove two provocative homosexual magazines from its shelves. The Board of Trustees for the Upper Arlington Public Library recently voted unanimously to continue displaying and distributing the publications Outlook Weekly and Gay People's Chronicle.

Not As Many Homosexuals as Left Claims -

New numbers from the CDC dispel and old myth. Is the percentage of homosexuals 2 percent or 10 percent? Gay activists have long quoted the higher number, an assertion based on skewed data. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, only 2.3 percent of men claim to be homosexual. Lou Sheldon with the Traditional Values Coalition says the numbers continually vary.

Time to Address the Genocide of Armenians by Muslim Turks

Between 1915 and 1923 1.5 million Armenian Christians were massacred by Muslim Turks. What is important to note is that the Turkish government officially denies the claim and teaches its citizens it never happened. The direct result of the genocide was the elimination of all Armenians in all of Turkey except Istanbul and the action of the Holocaust. The Holocaust occured when Hitler stated, "no one remembers the Armenians". We must not forget the causes and reasons of genocided and we must correct, or at minimum, address correctly what happened in the past. Especially in an increasing hostile world where extremists in the Mulsim community need to justify their actions, these justifications must counter-addressed to avoid another genocide of Christians in the middle east.
Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Wow! What an experience. As I sit here safely in my cousins home in Austin, I am reflecting on my 10 hour drive from Houston to Austin via San Antonio. I-10 was incredible. There were many stalled vehicles on the side of the road, but no road rage or angry Texans. I didn't witness any price gouging or anything malicious. Anyways, just wanted to post on my blog that I'm am doing fine, my home in Houston is safely boarded up and hopefully the precautions I took will prevent any damage from to being to severe. I'll begin to blog more once I return to Houston. Take care and God bless. Tito

Vatican Says No Homosexuals in Priesthood – Approved by Pope Benedict -

ROME, September 19, 2005 ( - Homosexual men may not be admitted to the Catholic priesthood, according to a soon-to-be released document that has been approved by Pope Benedict XVI. The document has been anticipated since before the death of Pope John Paul II and speculation has raged that it would retreat for political reasons from declaring a ban on ordaining declared homosexual men.

Middle-class French mothers will be paid to start le baby boom - The Telegraph (UK)

It is almost laughable reading that the French 'believe' they have a 1.9 birth rate. They continue to fool themselves that they have enough of a birth rate to continue their dangerous social experiment of creeping towards a complete welfare state. Even a 1.9 birth rate is below the 'replacement' rate of 2.1 needed to keep the 'same' population level. With an overtaxed population and a growing retirement community, their generous welfare state is taking France to a demographic nightmare where in 20-30 years time there will be a revolution of the elderly demanding more taxes to fund their retirement benefits or the young (whatever's left of them) demanding lower taxes. Ce la vi!

Silence from Pulpit on Spiritual, Moral Issues Disturbs L.A. Radio Host - Agape Press

(AgapePress) - The California State Legislature, controlled primarily by liberal Democrats, recently passed AB 849, a measure that would have essentially legalized same-sex "marriage" in America's most populated state. If it were not for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's pledge to veto the bill, homosexual marriage would have become law. Paul McGuire hosts a three-hour drive-time talk show every weekday on radio station KBRT in Southern California. His listening audience extends from the Mexican border to north of Santa Barbara -- and he often uses his program to address social and political issues in the Golden State and to urge listeners to take action by contacting their elected representatives in Sacramento. AB 849 was just such a topic of conversation recently. Speaking to his listeners -- a large majority of whom are Christians -- he said he cannot understand why so many pastors were mute regarding this important bill.

COLF Calls for End to Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

In the National Post article “Moratorium urged on use of ‘fresh’ embryos” (September 13, 2005), two of Canada’s “leading ethicists” express shock because a Toronto clinic is using never-frozen embryos to harvest stem cells. The ethicists ask for an end to this practice because fresh embryos are “very precious”.

the feminist connection at the US bishops' conference - Catholic News Service

Teresa Kettelkamp, who came to the USCCB from the Illinois State Police, is also a member of the advisory board for the Center for Women and Policing. Would you like to know more about the Center for Women and Policing? It's a division of the Feminist Majority Foundation. But when you hear about the Feminist Majority Foundation in the news, the topic usually isn't police work. Usually it's abortion.

USCCB Official Pays Public Homage to Notorious - U.S. Coalition for Life

On September 2, 2005, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB) Office of Media Relations issued a statement by Dr. EugeneFisher, Associate Director of the USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical andInterreligious Affairs and a consultant to the Vatican's Commission forReligious Relations with the Jews, on the death of New York RabbiBalfour Brickner on August 29, 2005.

Cardinal Mahoney Honors Pro-Abortion “Catholic” Clinton Campaign Manager -

LOS ANGELES, September 16, 2005 ( - The annual service award for the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles is billed as rewards for “long and distinguished records of service,” according to the Los Angeles diocesan newspaper, the Tidings. Roger Cardinal Mahoney, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, chose to include among this year’s recipients attorney William M. Wardlaw, “a parishioner of Holy Family Church in South Pasadena.”

World Summit Document a Disappointment for Abortion Supporters -

NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2005, ( -- After months of demands to include language that would create a broad international right to abortion, proponents of abortion were disappointed with the final document issued by UN Member States at the Millennium Development Summit ending today in New York. Everyone from Kofi Annan to special UN commissions to non-governmental organizations to UN member states called vigorously over the past year that the new document must contain far reaching ratification of reproductive rights language, language that is used to promote abortion. It appears they have for the most part failed.

Infanticide, Forced Abortions and Sterilizations in China’s Linyi Province -

LINYI, September 16, 2005 ( A massive campaign by China’s population-control authorities is underway in the country’s Shandong province, south-east of Beijing, with accounts of horrible atrocities, including infanticide, forced abortions on women, even of those in the ninth month of pregnancy, and the sterilizations of thousands.

Vatican Opposed Religious Groups’ Document to UN Supporting Abortion -

NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2005, ( -- The gathering at the United Nations in New York to discuss and debate the Millennium Development Goals (MDG +5 Summit) was presented with a document signed by various religious scholars, clergy and advocates that promoted a “commitment to Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health”, UN code language for abortion and contraception.

Clinton One-World Government Conference to Address “Threat” of Religion -

NEW YORK, September 16, 2005 ( - Former US President Bill Clinton has long dreamed of power in international affairs. He has long been rumoured to be the next to be tapped for UN Secretary General, and is a key player in the international movement that seeks to “unite” the world’s nations under a single, all-encompassing state governed by the UN’s favoured class of leftist elites.

US Congress Passes Homosexual “Hate Crimes” Amendment to Children’s Safety Act -

WASHINGTON, September 15, 2005 ( – With all eyes on John Roberts’ Senate confirmation hearings, the House of Representatives passed a “hate crimes” measure Wednesday that would grant the victims of crimes allegedly motivated by bias – including bias based on “sexual orientation” – greater protection than other victims of violence. The measure passed by a vote of 223 to 199 after it was attached as an amendment to HR 3132, the “Children's Safety Act.”

Activist Michigan Judge Strikes Down Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Law -

DETROIT, September 15, 2005 ( – An attempt by Michigan state residents and lawmakers to ban partial-birth abortion has once again failed after a judge there ruled the law unconstitutional for failing to allow an exception for the so-called health of the mother. In the history of abortion, the term “health” of the mother has been interpreted so broadly as to make any form of abortion legal for any reason or no reason.

Jewish Chapel Built With Federal Funds: No Outcry From ADL, ACLU or AU - Catholic League

Catholic League president William Donohue commented today about the absence of outcry from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) over the building of a Jewish chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy. From September 16-18, several events will take place at the Naval Academy celebrating the opening of the Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel; formal dedication will take place Sunday.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

World Youth Day: Conquering the Secular Media

Welcome everyone to my very first posting (of a comment) on my blog. With that said I want to write about the impact that Pope Benedict XVI had in World Youth Day XX. The mainstream German media was downplaying the significance of thousands, if not millions, of young Catholics congregating to celebrate with the Pope the youth of the Church. The German media was proclaiming that these 'youth' were simply there because it was an event and not because of faith. This truly is a fine example of the 'elitism' and 'arrogance' of the secular culture in Europe. They imposed their 'world view' of a 'dieing Church'. What happened at World Youth Day was nothing short of a modern day 'mea culpa'. With pictures of thousands and thousands of youths on their knees praying constantly during all hours of the day, these young Catholics were beamed all over Germany and Europe to show the youth and vibrancy of the Catholic Church. Images of young Catholics standing in long lines waiting for confession brought untold amazement at the energy of Our Faith by German commentators. Us Catholics know better. This is what we do. This is our way of life. We are the fruits of John Paul the Great's efforts in revitalizing the Church and hopefully of turning these Secular Dark Ages in Europe around into a Catholic Renaissance.

Christianity Dying in Its Birthplace - Daniel Pipes

What some observers are calling a pogrom took place near Ramallah, West Bank, on the night of September 3-4. That's when 15 Muslim youths from one village, Dair Jarir, rampaged against Taybeh, a neighboring all-Christian village of 1,500 people. The reason for the assault? A Muslim woman from Dair Jarir, Hiyam Ajaj, 23, fell in love with her Christian boss, Mehdi Khouriyye, owner of a tailor shop in Taybeh. The couple maintained a clandestine two-year affair and she became pregnant in about March 2005. When her family members learned of her condition, they murdered her. That was on about September 1; unsatisfied even with this "honor killing" – for Islamic law strictly forbids non-Muslim males to have sexual relations with Muslim females – the Ajaj men sought vengeance against Khouriyye and his family.
Monday, September 12, 2005

The Ordeal of Arab Christians -

The recent, simultaneous bombing of six Iraqi churches reflects the seriousness of the predicament of Arab Christians, who are trapped between the hammer of terrorists groups and extremists, and the anvil of fanatic governments that skillfully manipulate the issue of religious radicalism for their own benefit, while reinforcing religious, ethnic and sectarian discrimination among their citizens. Arab Christians live in the bosom of a racist culture that claims superiority over non-Muslims, fueled by a legacy mostly filled with violence and hatred and a history centered on strife, murder and viciousness.

Putin describes Mount Athos as one of the sources of Russia as ‘the largest Orthodox power’ - Interfax

Holy Mount Athos, Greece, September 12, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin, who came to Holy Mount Athos on Friday, underscored the spiritual bond existing between Russia and Greece in general and Mount Athos in particular.‘ In Russia, great changes are taking place, and today every person of any nationality and faith can return and returns to his spiritual roots’, the head of the Russian state emphasized.

Pierre Trudeau – Catholic 'bimbo' - WorldNetDaily

So someone has finally set out to solve the mystery of Pierre Elliot Trudeau's Catholicism. It was a mystery because nothing in the public life of Canada's late great prime minister, and little in his private life, ever showed any evidence of it. So where and what was it, exactly? In a current book – "The Hidden Pierre Elliot Trudeau -- The Faith Behind the Politics" – three Trudeau aficionados perhaps unwittingly provide the answer. We couldn't see his Catholicism because, except in the most nominal sense, it didn't exist. I haven't read the book, but every review of it points to the same conclusion.
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Swiss scholars want famous church returned before Turkey joins EU - Catholic News Service

OXFORD, England (CNS) -- Swiss scholars have petitioned the European Parliament to ask that Istanbul's sixth-century Church of Hagia Sophia, now a museum, be restored for Christian worship before Turkey joins the European Union. "This is not a public building that changed ownership with the conquest of a war -- Hagia Sophia is a place of God, Christendom's grandest place of worship for over 900 years, and arguably the most perfect and beautiful church erected by any Christian people," the group said in statement on a Hagia Sophia blog, or Web log.

European Parliament to China: End Religious Repression - ZENIT

STRASBOURG, France, SEPT. 9, 2005 - The European Parliament called on the Chinese government to put an end to religious repression and to provide information on missing bishops, priests and a Protestant pastor. The joint resolution, adopted by a 78-5 vote on Thursday, asks that China respect international standards of human rights, as well as religious rights, guaranteeing democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of the media and political and religious freedom in China.

Experts say Catholics still don't read Bible regularly - Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- While it may be a best-seller, the Bible still is not regularly read, nor has it become an integral part of many Catholics' lives, said a panel of biblical experts. "Unfortunately, it must be said, there is still little Bible in the lives of the faithful," said Italian Bishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Catholic Bible Federation. Recent research conducted in Italy, Spain and France found that many Catholics consider the sacred Scriptures as something "reserved for the clergy" rather than as an accessible resource for them to draw upon for truth and inspiration in their own lives, he said.

Homosexual Festival Goes on Amid Destruction and Heartache - Concerned Women for America

Hurricane Katrina hit just days before New Orleans annual homosexual festival, Southern Decadence, was to be held. However, as soon as the flood waters started receding, participants carried on through the streets of the French Quarter. A smaller version of the festival was then moved to Lafayette, Louisiana where homosexuals planned to party while thousands of evacuees in the town’s convention center had nothing but the love of strangers. Thankfully, Lafayette Mayor Joey Durel and local citizens did not allow that event to occur!

Liberals Call Abortion a Religious Freedom - Citizen Link

New strategy attempts to co-opt the First Amendment. There appears to be an effort by some liberals to tie abortion and the gay agenda to the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom. At a recent news conference, several feminist, homosexual and religious-left groups combined their rhetoric to claim that abortion and homosexuality are religious freedoms and part of their right to worship the way they want to.

Unwed women set record for births in 2003 - Washington Times

Births to unmarried women in the United States hit a record 1.4 million in 2003, while births to teens fell for the 12th consecutive year. Births to unmarried women increased to 34.6 percent of all U.S. births -- also a new record, said researchers with the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which released its final report on 2003 birth data yesterday. The rise in out-of-wedlock births worries social conservatives, who say the problem is linked to poverty, juvenile delinquency and poor social and educational outcomes.

Putin on Mount Athos pilgrimage - BBC World News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited the monastic community of Mount Athos in Greece, one of Orthodox Christianity's holiest sites. He was the first Russian leader to visit the male-only community, on a narrow, rocky peninsula east of Thessaloniki, Russian TV reported. The trip was part of Mr Putin's two-day visit to Greece. He has openly embraced the Orthodox faith, despite having served the atheist Soviet regime as a KGB officer

New Bishop Has Kaua'i Roots - The Garden Isle

LIHU'E — Clarence R. "Larry" Silva, new bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu that includes all the Neighbor Islands, presided over a rare, all-island Mass Wednesday night at the Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihu'e, and proudly announced his Kaua'i roots. "I don't know if I'm related to any of you, but I might be," said Silva, whose grandmother, Mercedes Ledo Silva, was born in Kekaha, and whose grandfather, Joseph Motta Silva, was born in Koloa.

Muslims ransack Christian village - The Jerusalem Post

Efforts were under way on Sunday to calm the situation in this Christian village east of Ramallah after an attack by hundreds of Muslim men from nearby villages left many houses and vehicles torched. The incident began on Saturday night and lasted until early Sunday, when Palestinian Authority security forces interfered to disperse the attackers. Residents said several houses were looted and many families were forced to flee to Ramallah and other Christian villages, although no one was injured.
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Nominee for chief justice would be third Catholic in that position - Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Should Judge John G. Roberts be confirmed as the chief justice of the United States, he would become the third Catholic to hold that post. Two days after the Sept. 3 death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, President George W. Bush announced that he was nominating Roberts, 50, to become the new chief. In July Bush had nominated Roberts to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. His decision to make Roberts his nominee for chief justice means there remains a vacancy for an associate justice.
Monday, September 5, 2005

Pope to unify Catholics and Orthodox - Pravda

Pope Benedict XVI said that unifying all Christians and healing the 1,000-year rift between Catholics and the Orthodox is particularly urgent nowadays. In the message to a Catholic-Orthodox symposium on Sunday, the pope called for intensified prayers and dialogue to help heal the rift, which he has said would be a fundamental priority of his pontificate.

Stem cell hopes distorted by 'arrogance and spin' - The Guardian (UK)

A leading scientist who pushed for the controversial research into embryo stem cells will warn today that the challenges are so huge that any cures for disease lie a long way in the future. Lord Winston, who pioneered fertility research in the UK, is to tell the British Association for the Advancement of Science, meeting in Dublin, that during the political campaign to push through legislation in 2001, some parliamentarians were led to believe that clinical treatments were "just around the corner". Some of the lobbying came from patients' groups, but it was stimulated by scientific observations.

Liberal Boston College Contests Charge It Does Not Deserve Catholic Identity -

BOSTON, August 31, 2005 ( - The work being done by the Cardinal Newman Society to re-establish a genuine Catholic character to those post-secondary institutions bearing the name, must be stinging academic circles long accustomed to having their own way. Boston College, the infamously liberal Jesuit school, has complained that it is being unfairly accused and is hotly asserting its legitimacy as a Catholic institution. Statistics, however, do not support the college’s claim, having shown that Catholic students attending the big “Catholic” institutions frequently stop practicing their faith, or lose it altogether when exposed to fashionable academic liberalism, secularism and moral relativism that are rampant in most mainstream Catholic academia.
Friday, September 2, 2005

LSU Catholic Center Needs Help Helping Neediest of Katrina’s Refugees - Catholic Exchange

“We’re Just Overwhelmed"

On Wednesday, I called several people in the Diocese of Baton Rouge to ask what the rest of us can do to help them help those refugees. Each person I spoke to wept in response to my question. The director of communications for the diocese, the chancellor for the diocese, the campus minister at LSU — they’re pretty tough folks, and they all wept at the enormity of the tragedies they are facing.

Hurricane devastation challenges religious orders, Catholic colleges - Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Gulf Coast devastation left by Hurricane Katrina in late August posed major challenges to some Catholic religious orders with headquarters or educational institutions in the hurricane's path. With the entire city of New Orleans being evacuated and shut down for months, the fall semester appeared to be entirely lost for the three Catholic colleges and universities there.

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