Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Past Is Prologue

Salve readers! Sadly, this will be the very last post for CVSTOS FIDEI. 

Yes, it's only been six years & three months since my last post, and even then it was another year before you can find one more post. 

 Anyways, I stopped blogging because I didn't believe my sometimes antagonistic approach was helping anyone convert. Secondly, I mostly blogged at The American Catholic (though I rarely have written anything in the same time periods). It's been about 8-9 years since I consistently wrote anything, so we can 'officially' say this will be the final post for CVSTOS FIDEI. 

 Why even bother posting you say? 

 It's because I am starting another blog as a member of FŒDVS, the League of Catholic Bloggers. I will be attempting be more objective, with a Catholic perspective, drawing people closer to the faith & hopefully conversion. It's also a news blog so I'll be reposting current articles from prominent authors & writers to help promote their work. The name of this new venture is 'Observations of a Catholic Newsman', or simply, 'Newsman' for short.

If anyone still has my feed & have popped over to see what I've bothered to write, thank you for being such loyal readers.  I believe you're going to like the new format of the new blog I am launching (that in a way, is a continuation of CVSTOS FIDEI).

One last thing, when you visit, the new 'Newsman' blog has no postings thus far.  I just finished creating it.  It will be fully functional beginning February of 2020.

. . .yes, I still operate The American CatholicBig PulpitCatholic StandIgnitum Today, & FŒDVS & with posts every day (yes, I've been busy).

Leave comments for old times sake here at CVSTOS FIDEI!.  :D

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

Tito Edwards

P.S. Thank you all for being a part of CVSTOS FIDEI.  It was fun & a great learning experience.  This blog will automatically begin forwarding to Newsman in a few weeks.

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