Friday, October 31, 2008

Catholic News-Friday, October 31, 2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Counting Bishops - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Why this Election is About the Freedom of Religion - Fr. Neuhaus, First Things A Surprised Stay-at-Home Dad - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Can Christians Celebrate Halloween? - David Morrison, Ancient & Future Catholics All Hallows Eve In The Catholic Tradition - Nancy Reyes, A New Altar for the Cathedra of St. Peter? - New Catholic, Rorate Cæli Canadian Human Rights Com.: Christians Have No Rights - Mark Shea, CAEI Why Jefferson Davis Opposed Roe v. Wade - H.W. Crocker III, Inside Catholic Author Interpretation - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: Inside Catholic Bonus Commentary: Class and Classless - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic How Was the Play Mrs. Lincoln - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Notable Commentary: Holy See on Use of Psychology in Priestly Formation - Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Vatican Approves Psychological Tests for Gays - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Something Disgusting and Evil But Very Instructive - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Catholics Continue Trending Towards McCain - Tito, American Catholic Card. O'Malley: Right to Life 'Centerpiece' of Catholicism - Kathleen Gilbert, LSN Planned Parenthood Admits Infanticide Happens - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air Video Shows Babies Left to Die in Method Obama OK'ed - Steven Ertelt, LifeNews Archeologist Finds 3,000-year Old Hebrew Text - CNN Head of Museum Displaying 'blasphemous frog' Sacked - Nick Squires, Telegraph Ancient City Find Could Alter Notions of Biblical David - Ethan Bronner, NY Times Secular Commentary: Obama Win a Dream Come True for French Blacks - Siegfried Mortkowitz, M & C (Biretta Tip:
Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catholic News-Thursday, October 30, 2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Send Me Your Poor... - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic SSPX bishops & Mass at Lourdes, Re: The Excommunications - Fr. Z, WDTPRS? Episcopalian Gene's Gay (Catholic) Get-together - Patrick Archbold, CMR Fr. Andrew Greeley: Racism Will Make Obama Lose - Warner Todd Huston, NB Catholic Church Is Falling Into a Muslim Trap - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Vatican Won't Open Pope Pius XII Archives For 6-7 Years - Intrntnl Hrld Trbn Obama's Abortion Stance Repels Evangelicals - Julia Duin, Washington Times Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: RealClearReligion Bonus Commentary: Bishop Finn of Kansas City On Fire! - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Archbishop Nienstedt of Minneapolis on FOCA & Voting - Fr. Z, WDTPRS? Obama Loving Nuns Blast Archbishop Chaput - Matthew Archbold, CMR Notable Commentary: On These Slippery Slopes - Ryan Harkins, American Catholic Out of Division, a Greater Unity? - David Mills, Inside Catholic Palin, Jesus and Witches??? - Brian Fitzpatrick, NewsBusters Political Intimidation and Persecution - Tito, American Catholic Bonus Video: Gianna Jessen Responds to Obama - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Secular News: McCain Slams LA Times for Withholding Obama-Khalidi Tape - Fox News What Is The LA Times Withholding? - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic Checks on 'Joe' More Extensive - Randy Ludlow, Columbus Dispatch France Boosts Military Spending - Edward Cody, Washington Post (Biretta Tip: Lucianne)
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catholic News-Wednesday Morning, 10-29-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION On These Slippery Slopes - Ryan Harkins, American Catholic Pope's Preface to 1st Vol. of his Opera Omnia (on liturgy) - Fr. Z, WDTPRS? ...Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's critique of the critique... When Obama Came For Them - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Rehabilitating Pope Pius XII - Melik Kaylan, Forbes Getting Beyond the Literal Sense of Scripture - Mark P. Shea, Inside Catholic Get That Straw Out of My Face! - Amy Welborn, Charlotte Was Both Profits and Peace - Fr. Robert A. Sirico, First Things It's The Courts, Stupid - Larrey Anderson, American Thinker The End of the Catholic Vote? - Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times Will Values Voters Bring Another Election Day Surprise? - Michael Medved, Th Poland's Muslims Thrive in Tiny Community - Dominika Maslikowski, M & C Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: The American Catholic Bonus Commentary: Bishop Boyea Corrects Michigan's 'Catholic' Governor - Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Yesterdays Commentary: Cocaine, Cardinal Ocampo, and the Drug Wars - Tito, American Catholic Culture of Secrecy & Evasion in the Church - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Did the US Commit 'Terrorism' in Syria? - Christopher Blosser, American Catholic Secular Commentary: The Man Behind 'Fair and Balanced' - Michael Calderone, Politico Vietnamese-Americans Feel Indebted to McCain - Lindsay Wise, Houston Chronicle Evidence Mounts: Ayers Co-Wrote Obama's Book - Jack Cashill, American Thinker (Biretta Tips: Pro Ecclesia & Lucianne)
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catholic News-Tuesday Morning, 10-28-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Did the U.S. Commit "Terrorism" in Syria? - Christopher Blosser, American Catholic Cardinal Egan: Abortion Support Equal to Nazism - Catholic News Agency Card. Castrillon Responds to Questions on the TLM - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? ...more by Shawn Tribe of the New Liturgical Movement... Fr. Geoff Farrow Meets Episcopalian Gene Robinson - David Benett, Per Christum Beyond the Fairness Doctrine - Jesse Walker, Reason God in the Belly - John Zmirak, Inside Catholic Bonus Commentary: Can a Bishop Forbid Ad Orientem - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Archbishop Naumann Defends Life - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Being Reasonable Doesn't Always Work - Chris Burgwald, American Catholic Political Intimidation and Persecution - Tito, American Catholic All Sacrifices Will Cease But One - Brant Pitre, Singing in the Reign Gobekli Tepe, Worlds First Temple? - Andrew Curry, Smithsonian Secular Commentary: Why Did Neanderthals Have Such Big Noses? - Ewen Callaway, New Scientist (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight, RealClearReligion, & Lucianne)
Monday, October 13, 2008

Catholic News-Monday Afternoon, 10-13-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Preferential Option For The Middle Class? - Darwin, American Catholic Abortion In The Name Of "Catholic Social Teaching" - Nancy Reyes, PewSitter Last Safe Haven For Iraqi Christians Taken By Al-Qaeda - Deal Hudson, Inside Cthlc Bible Synod: Catholic Stars Come Out To Shine - John L. Allen, NCRcafe Top 10 Scientific Explanations For Fatima - Matthew Archbold, Crtv Mnrty Rprt The Treasure Of Halberstadt I - Gregor Kollmorgen, New Liturgical Movement Nun, 106, To Vote For Pro-Abortion Obama - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Was Hans Urs Von Balthasar A Heretic? - R.R. Reno, First Things CNN Omits Palin’s Highlight of Obama Abortion Votes - Matthew Balan, NwsBstrs Why Aren't Protestant Churches "churches" - BFHU, The Black Cordelias Shameless Blog Plug Of The Day: The new American Catholic blog, Politics & Culture from a Catholic perspective. Bonus Commentary: Sarah Palin And Small Town America - Ryan Harkins, American Catholic Boycott Over - Super Size Me! - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Ahmadinejad: A Modern Day Hitler - Abraham Cooper/Yitzchok Adlerstein, WaTms CBS Showcases 106-Yr-Old Nun Voting for Obama - Brent Baker, NewsBusters Less Recent Commentary: Pope Canonizes Four, Including India's First Female Saint - Catholic News Agency Hanged For Being A Christian In Iran - Alasdair Palmer, The Daily Telegraph FOCA - An Alarm For Decent Americans To Wake Up - Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Same-Sex Marriage By Judicial Fiat - Rod Dreher, CrunchyCon How The Bishops Found Their Voice - Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing Ecclesiastical Vesture: The Cappello Romano Or 'Saturno' - Shawn Tribe, NLM A Dead Language That's Very Much Alive - Winnie Hu, New York Times Anger And Politics - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Bible Synod: Anti-Christian Violence Emerges As Concern - John Allen, NCRcafe Shariah Sentence Threatens Christian Woman's Family - Drew Zahn, WrldNtDly Bonus Comic Strip: Senator Obama's 'Nuanced' Golden Rule - Paul Nichols, Catholic Cartoon Blog Secular Commentary: An Obama Wall St. Panic, Market Fears His Policies - Charles Gasparino, NY Post Google Marks Columbus Day, Pic of Paddington Bear - Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters B.C. Human Rights Tribunal Joke Trial Of Mark Steyn - Ian Mulgrew, Vncvr Sn (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight, Pro Ecclesia,, Real Clear Religion, Lucianne, & RealClearWorld)
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catholic News-Saturday Afternoon, 10-11-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION American Catholic 2008 - Tito Edwards, American Catholic Without A Pope: Orthodox & Unity - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Vocation Of Spiritual Motherhood For Priests - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Bible Synod: Religious Orders As 'Hearing Aid' Of Church - John L. Allen, NCRcafe Archbishop Wuerl Refuses to Support Obama's Catholics - Deal W. Hudson, TIB Re-Learning The Keeping Of Feast Days & Festivals - Shawn Tribe, Nw Ltrgcl Mov Iraq: Assyrian Christians Fighting For Their Lives - Damian Thompson, Holy Smk Pursuing Happiness - Jonathan B., Per Christum St. John's U. Priest Accused Of Sending Homemade Smut To 'Teen' - NY Daily Nws The Debt We Owe to Trade - Jeffrey Tucker, Inside Catholic Liberal Catholic Bigotry Against Sarah Palin - Joseph D'Hippolito, Amrcn Thinker Abortion-Marching New York Times Reporter - Tim Graham, NewsBusters Last Nights Commentary: Bible Synod: Shaping Imaginations Of 1.2 billion Catholics - John Allen, NCRcafe Bible Synod: Interview With Cardinal George Pell - John L. Allen, NCRcafe Blessed Pius XII? But First Of All, Get Him Right - Sandro Magister, Chiesa As 'Obama-Nation' Nears, Priests Sound Alarm - Matt C. Abbott, RenewAmerica ABC Censors Ad Exposing Obama's Pro-Abort Record - Steven Ertelt, LifeNews The Issue That Must Not Be Reported - Kevin Jones, Philokalia Republic Young Person's Experience Of Defending Cathedral From Feminist Horde - CNA Was Shakespeare A Catholic? Should We Care? - Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture Last Nights News: McDonald's Ends Ties With Gay Chamber Of Commerce - Cheryl Jackson, Chi S-T Host Desecration Videos Back on YouTube - Abp. O'Brien: Lay-Run School Must Accept Bad Sex Pgm, To Be 'Catholic' - CC Bonus Video: "The Priest's" On YouTube - Rusty Tisdale, American Catholic Secular Commentary: Market Dive Due to Impending 'First Socialist President' - Tom Blumer, NwsBstrs Che Guevara's Rendezvous With Justice - Humberto Fontova, American Thinker US vs. China: Great Game In Africa - Thomas Skypek, The Weekly Standard (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight,, & Real Clear Religion)
Friday, October 10, 2008

Catholic News-Friday Afternoon, 10-10-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Palin On Abortion And Obama - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Rome Rumor: Abbot Edmund Power, 'Next Cormac' - Damian Thompson, Hly Smk The Return Of "Quarant' Ore" - Deacon Greg Kandra, The Deacon's Bench Preparing Priests for 'White Martyrdom' - Msgr. Mark O'Toole, The Catholic Herald A Gay Marriage Irony - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Alleged Catholic Chris Matthews On Metaphysics - David R. Carlin, Inside Catholic Allah No Longer Has 99 Most Beautiful Names - A Simple Sinner, Black Cordelias National Right To Life Still Waiting For Obama Apology - Jay Anderson, Pr Eccls The Things Deserving Debate - Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, First Things Mainstream Media Ignore Obama's Radical Abortion Record - Matthew Balan, NB Bonus Commentary: Tribalism And Politics - DarwinCatholic, American Thinker New Crop Of Seminarians Scare Catholic Left - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Little Audrey: A Saint Of Silence? - Deacon Greg Kandra, The Deacon's Bench New Face Of Terrorism? Nun? - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Holy War Strikes India - Andrew Buncombe, The Independent Hesburgh On Women's "Ordination" - Dr. Edward Peters, In The Light Of The Law Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism - Fjordman, The Brussels Journal Bonus News: Archbishop M. Ranjith, Where Go For? - New Catholic, Rorate Cæli October Surprise? - Eric Pavlat, The Inside Blog Yesterdays News of Import: Bishop's Conference Gave ACORN Over $1,000,000 in 2007 - Deal Hudson, TIB Demographic Winter, The Decline Of The Human Family - Suzanne Temple, BAM Girl With Half A Brain Thriving - Wesley J. Smith, Secondhand Smoke Hospital to Remove Window With Virgin Mary 'Image' - Fox News An Interview With Peter Kreeft - William D. Aubin, The Dartmouth Review Bonus Apologetics: Yes, Early Christians Believed Jesus Was God - David Bennett, Per Christum Do Moral Absolutes Exist? - Proverbs3031, The Emmaus Road Secular Commentary: Taking The Union Out Of E.U. - The Daily Telegraph World Rooting For "The One" - Nisa Islam Muhammad/Saeed Shabazz, Final Call (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight & Real Clear Religion)
Thursday, October 9, 2008

Catholic News-Thursday Morning, 10-9-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Fr. Emery of the 10th Tennessee Regiment - Donald McClarey, American Catholic Will The Church Split Along Red & Blue Lines? - Deal W. Hudson, Inside Catholic Cappella Papale for Death of Pius XII - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement The Great Catholic Shakedown - Robert Kumpel, St. John's Valdosta Blog Right To Be A Lady - Amanda Shaw, First Things Scientific Advance: Please God, Make It Stop - Patrick Archbold, Crtv Mnrty Rprt The Pornification Of A Generation - Jessica Bennett, Newsweek Bonus Commentary: Obama And The Freedom Of Choice Act - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Is The Catholic Church Funding One Of The Candidates" - Robert Kumpel, SJVB Last Nights Commentary: As France & Europe Grow More Secular, The Pope Pushes Back - Web In France Beyond Distributism - Thomas E. Woods, Acton Institute While Rome Talks, Québec Has Already Been Lost - Sandro Magister, Chiesa McCain's Armenia Problem - Daniel Nichanian, The Atlantic Switching Off Church Music In China - Catherine Sampson, The Guardian Traditional Latin Mass Draws Young Working Adults - UCAN Bonus News: Pope Hopes Wartime Pius Can Move Towards Sainthood - Reuters Political Commentary: What's Up With The Polls? - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Polls: Obama or McCain Is Winning - Steven M. Warshawsky, American Thinker Who Wrote Dreams From My Father? - Jack Cashill, American Thinker Barack Obama Was A Member Of A Socialist Party - Joel L., Southern Appeal President Obama Would Outlaw Conservative Radio - Brian Anderson, IBD (Biretta Tip: Real Clear Religion)
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catholic News-Wednesday Evening, 10-8-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION The Scary Thing Is: We Really Mean It - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic In What Color Are Priests To Be Buried? - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS The Silver Lining Of An Obama Victory - Deal W. Hudson, The Inside Blog Literalischtick: Bill Maher Is On The Loose - Mark Shea, Inside Catholic Contradistinction Essential To The Eastern Orthodox Convert - Sinner, Blck Crdls Has Benedict Lost The Confidence Of The TLM Pack - Damian Thompson, Hly Smk ...Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Responds to Latin Mass Faithful's Lost Confidence in Pope... Spines Busting Out: Bishop John Smith Lays Down The Law - Jeff Miller, Crt Jstr Vatican Cracks Down on Devout Catholic Bus Plunges - Mark Shea, Cthlc Exchange Happy 100th Anniversary to The Wind in the Willows - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia The Forgotten Pogrom - Fr. Edward T. Jakes, First Things Religion, Maher Style - William Murchison, Dallas Morning News Bonus Commentary: Pope Benedict In America - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic "Priests Of The Future Are Excited About Tradition" - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS Catholics, Tithing & Cable - A Simple Sinner, The Black Cordelias Honey And Vinegar - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say Favorite Catholic Quotations - Eric Pavlat, The Inside Blog Down Syndrome Bill Inspired by Trig & Heroic Catholic Dad - Jay Anderson, PE On The State Of American Catholicism - Dr. Michael Liccione, Sacramentum Vitae The DeChristianization Of France - Tiberge, The Brussels Journal Bonus News: A million on Marian Pilgrimage - Fr. Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic Of Continuity Cardinal: Everything That Makes Europe Great Has Its Roots In The Bible - CNA Kmiec: Obama To Make Same-Sex Marriage Law - Francis Beckwith, Sthrn Appl CO Gov Ritter Will Stop Vote on Abortion-Personhood Measure - Steven Ertelt, LN Bishop Threatens to Close Hospitals if Abortion Law Passed - Christian Today 'Demographic Situation In Russia Requires Urgent Measures' - ZeeNews Bonus Video: Martyrs Walk DVD Available - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia Secular Commentary: Democrats Already Celebrating Obama Election Victory - PJ Gladnick, NewsBusters Global Meltdown: The Arab Repercussions - Rami G. Khouri, The Daily Star (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight & PewSitter)
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catholic News-Tuesday Evening, 10-7-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Dr. Nicholas Cafardi Resigns from Franciscan U. Board - Deal W. Hudson, TIB What Is An American Catholic - Zach, American Catholic Catholics And Abortion (Again) - Cal Thomas, Sacramento Bee A Home For Homeschoolers - Sally Thomas, First Things Sacrament Abuse: In Defense of "No" - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report OH Sup. Ct. Hears Plnnd Prnthd Secret Teen Abortion Case - Steven Ertelt, LN Nationwide Trend in Eucharistic Devotions on Campus - Katy Carl, NCRegister Fr. Richard McBrien Interview On "One Issue" Politics - Fr. J. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS Two Los Angeles Cathedrals That Might Have Been - Matthew Alderman, NLM Letter Asks Spanish King Not Sign Law Allowing Aborted Babies Grinded - CNA Monastery On Top Of Holy Sepulchre In Danger Of Collapse - AsiaNews Mark Warner: Homeschoolers "Threaten" America - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia ...Mainstream Media Ignoring Mark Warner's Attacks... Synod of Bishops Commentary: Synod - Day 2: Some Points- Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say Synod: 'It's The Culture, Stupid!' - John L. Allen, NCR Cafe Bonus Commentary: Catholic Rights Talk - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Dominus Noster Jesus Christus Vos Absolvat - Donald McClarey, American Catholic A Newbie to the TLM Writes With Observations - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS The New Oakland Cathedral: 'There Is No Prayer There' - Margaret Cabaniss, TIB Mainstream Media Helping Obama's "Faith Outreach" Pitch - Jay Anderson, PE Science Comic Strip Mocks the Religious Skeptics - Scott Whitlock, NewsBusters The Heroic Generation - Jeffrey Tucker, New Liturgical Movement 'Savior Siblings' Spark Resignation - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report New Political Blog: American Catholic - Tito, Custos Fidei Bonus News: Institute of Christ the King Now of Pontifical Right - Gregor Kollmorgen, NLM Battle Continues Over 10 Commandments In DeWeese's Courtroom - WMFD Bonus Apologetics: Why Do Catholics Light Candles - BFHU, The Black Cordelias Movie Review: Last Night, I Finally Watched "Bella" - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia Secular Commentary: Dwight And Terrorism - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Theaters Defrauding Tx Sales Of 'An American Carol' Film - Warner Huston, NB New Website: American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight & PewSitter)
Monday, October 6, 2008

The Newest Political Blog, American Catholic

The American Catholic blog is the blogosphere's newest entry in the political and cultural dialogue of American. Twelve faithful Christians have joined together to participate in the American experiment by actively and positively engaging in the public square for the betterment of the common good. You say there are already a few Catholic blogs out there that does that? Yes, but what distinguishes us from all the rest is that we will provide thoughtful postings with charity on a daily basis. With fidelity to Holy Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium, we hope to positively enhance the dialogue on politics and culture. What about the separation of Church and state? It behooves us to help create a more perfect union, as per the preamble of the constitution. What better way than to bring the teachings of Jesus for the betterment of America? We do not want a theocratic state. What we want is a civilization of charity for our fellow man. Whom better than Jesus to provide the framework for this! Chris Blosser, Chris Burgwald, Walter Cole, Dr. David Curp, myself, Ryan Harkins, Brendan Hodge, Donald R. Mclarey, Peter Park, Joe Potillor, Zach C., and Rusty Tisdale are the faithful Christians serving our Catholic Church by responding to the Second Vatican Council's call for positive engagement to the world. We hope you take the time to visit the blogosphere's newest member, American Catholic. For American Catholic click here.
Saturday, October 4, 2008

Catholic News-Saturday Evening, 10-4-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Priest: Must "Protect Myself From Persecution..." Over The TLM - Fr. Z, WDTPRS Christian Father & Son Hacked To Death In Orissa - Nirmala Carvalho, AsiaNews India: Four Held For Nun’s Rape - Debabrata Mohanty, Indian Express Be Praised, My Lord, For… Brother Francis! - Nicene Hobbit, Per Christum USAID Defunds International Abortion Provider - Deal W. Hudson, Inside Catholic Fr. Robert Barron On "Religulous" - D Mac, Creative Minority Report Reform Of The Reform Marches On! - Gregor Kollmorgen, New Liturgical Movement Europe's Rising Radical Leftism - Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna Bonus Commentary: Don't Lose Sight - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say Bonus News: Priest Turns Film Producer, 10-Part Epic On Catholicism - Wall Street Journal Church Needs To Explain Its Message On Marriage & Procreation - AsiaNews (Biretta Tips: PewSitter & Real Clear Religion)
Friday, October 3, 2008

Catholic News-Friday Evening, 10-3-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Bishop Finn Takes On Freedom Of Choice Act - Matthew Archbold, Crtv Mnrty Rprt Time Runs Out For Medjugorje - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke John Henry Newman's Canonization Not "Imminent." Again. - Rocco Palmo, WITL Dramatic Transformation Of A Seminary - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS How To Destroy A Diocese, By Bp Clark Of Rochester - Rich Leonardi, 10 Reasons "As A Believing Hindu, I Am Ashamed..." - Sandro Magister, Chiesa Catholic Left Attack Sarah Palin - Joseph D'Hippolito, FrontPageMag At the Origins of the Naked Public Square - Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, First Things 'Jesus Was A Palestinian,' Claims U.S. History Text - Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily Observations About Catholic Blogging - Tito, Custos Fidei Turkey And Armenia On Track? - Amberin Zaman, RealClearWorld Europe's Islamization - Geerts Wilders, Real Clear Religion Bonus Commentary: Defiant Parishioners Carry On Protests to Closures - Damian Thompson, Hly Smk More Defiance & Invalid Baptisms At St. Mary’s, Brisbane - Fr. Z, WDTPRS Courting For The 21st Century Catholic - Tito, Custos Fidei Bonus News: Pope Reaffirms Church Opposition to Contraception - Agence France-Presse Bonus Apologetics: Sola Scriptura/Scripture Alone? - BFHU, The Black Cordelias Political Commentary: Palin Scores Well in Debate; Conservative Elitists React - Jay Anderson, Pr Eccls Palin Has Everything That Counts - Kyle-Anne Shiver, American Thinker Secular Commentary: Europe's Conservative Revival - Ian Buruma, Los Angeles Times Liberalism (California) Needs Another Bailout - C. Edmund Wright, Amrcn Thnkr (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight & PewSitter)

Observations About Catholic Blogging

I came across some observations about blogging from James Altena (Mere Comments). He has some very interesting observations that you may find intriguing: 1) Blog threads, being essentially conversational in nature, are inherently discursive and informal. They also tend to be digressive, frequently wandering off topic, as someone responds to a side point made in a previous comment, and that side point then becomes the focus of debate, and the process repeats itself. 2) Comments tend to be largely reactive in character, whether to the initial post or to a subsequent comment by another person posting on the blog thread. 3) Comments are usually written and posted hastily. This means that they tend to lack depth, and also are plagued with typographical and grammatical errors 4) Comments also therefore tend to be low on analytical content and sustained synthetic argument. Of course, they also lack supporting documentation (footnotes, bibliography, etc.) 5) There tends to be an inverse relation between the depth and specificity of a thread (or even a particular comment) and the breadth of the audience. The more specialized the content, the narrower the audience will be. 6) There is also a tendency to sweeping generalizations, reliance on stereotypes, and recourse to easy judgmentalism. 7) Because of the lack of face-to-face contact, it tends to be much easier for people to fail to practice restraint -- to speak far more strongly and bluntly than one would in direct conversation, even resorting to insult and profanity. 8) The conversational nature of blog threads also lures people into forgetting that, unlike in verbal conversation, their comments on blog threads form a permanent cyberspace record of who they are which can be accessed by perfect strangers. The result can be great carelessness of expression that can come back to haunt one. 9) Because of the lack of visual and verbal cues, it is also easier to misunderstand a blog comment than a spoken one. (This can be alleviated by the use of emoticons or explanatory comments.) 10) Over time, blogs tend toward the formation of informal alliances among the "regulars" who post on the thread, as people find intellectual and temperamental soulmates. Often these branch off into warm offsite e-mail friendships as well -- one of the major benefits of blogging. 11) The other major benefit of blogging is (on a substantive blog site) the opportunity provided for thought-provoking exchanges in which one encounters new and fruitful ideas that broaden and deepen one's mind. 12) Offsetting this, a major downside of blogs is that they also provide free platforms for village idiots and cranks who otherwise would not be given the time of day. Along with trolls, these can spoil the pleasure of a good blog site. 13) Blogs have a natural half-life of 2-3 years, after which the same topics tend to be debated with minor variations over and over again. 14) Finally, there is what I call a "Gresham's Law" of blog sites. Gresham's Law is from 17th c. political economist Thomas Gresham: "Bad money drives out good." I.e., sound money of greater value -- e.g., unclipped gold and silver coins in Gresham's day -- will be hoarded and pass out of circulation, while unsound money of lesser value -- e.g., clipped coins -- is palmed off on others in purchases and exchanges, resulting in an inflationary spiral. There is also, I believe, a Gresham's law of language (word definitions that are increasingly more vague and imprecise in meaning will tend to drive out of circulation definitions that are more specific and precise). Gresham's law of blogs dictates that, over time, the quality of comments on blogs will also degenerate, as idiots and cranks increasingly drive away more substantive commentators who finally decide not to waste time and energy arguing with them. Jerry Janquart says that Altena’s fourteenth point seems especially important to him [I agree]. There is good reason, for the health of a blogsite, to ban commentators who consistently make themselves obnoxious to its readers in the many ways this can be done. The axe should not be made to fall on those who express opposition to the point being made, but on those who write, even if they agree, in a dishonest (and here I am thinking primarily of the use of sly rhetoric) or unmannerly way. One has a right to insist that everyone who comes into his house leaves his muddy boots outside, and minds his manners once he is in. (Biretta Tip: James Altena via Mere Comments)

Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox Viewing

I just noticed all the tweaks I made on Internet Explorer 8 have caused some slight distortions when viewing on Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1. I've finally fixed the HTML spacing problems for IE8, but it is causing border issues on MF3. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, I'm all ears. In the meantime I apologize to my Firefox users (and Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. users). I can say that when I implemented a 3rd column for my blog I started getting all these little issues of border and spacing problems. Again, if there is anyone that can provide any assistance shoot me an email or leave me a message in the CommBox. In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, Tito
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catholic News-Thursday Evening, 10-2-2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Selling Obama as a Pro-Life Candidate - Deal W. Hudson, Inside Catholic Arts & Sciences: God Need Not Apply - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Deacon Fournier Puts Smack Down on Prof. Kmiec - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia Victory! YouTube Removes Desecration of Eucharist Videos - LifeSiteNews Franciscan U. Students Attend a Catholics for Obama Event - Deal Hudson, TIB ...Franciscan University of Steubenville Responds... The Mystery of Cormac's Successor - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Elevations At The Papal Mass - Gregor Kollmorgen, New Liturgical Movement The Bishop Of Scranton, Hear Him Roar! - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS Communism's Christian Martyrs - Ricardo Estarriol, H2O News The Regime of Science - Joseph K. Woodard, First Things Bonus Commentary: Catholic Mag Calls For Defeat & Removal Of Canadian Leader - LifeSiteNews What Benedict Sowed in April, Bishops Are Reaping Today - Fr. Z, WDTPRS Star Trek Or Religion - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report The Car Seat Culture - Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia Courting For The 21st Century Catholic - Tito, Custos Fidei Bonus News: SF Catholic Charities Out Of Adoption Business - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester Dallas Reversal, Allows Rosaries at School - Dan McGraw, Dallas Morning News Opus Dei Founder Gets Mini-Series In Italy - CathNews Boston Faithful See Virgin Mary’s Image - Jessica Fargen, Boston Herald (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight & PewSitter)
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catholic News-Wednesday Morning, 10-1-2008 A.D.

Catholic Vote Dynamics Thus Far - Deal W. Hudson, The Inside Blog Benedict XVI Has a Father, Romano Guardini - Sandro Magister, Chiesa Early History & Roman Forms of the Christian Altar - Shawn Tribe, NLM Courting for the 21st Century Catholic - Tito, Custos Fidei Top-10 Ways You Know You're On A Catholic Blog - Matthew Archbold, CMR How To Honor Our Guardian Angels - St. Alphonsus Liguori, Rorate Cæli Abp. Vlazny Rebukes Catholic Oregon Governor Kulongoski (D) - Fr. Z, WDTPRS Niece of MLK, Alveda King: Defund Planned Parenthood - Catholic News Agency Islamic Crusades: An Introduction - Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna My Spiritual Journey - Tito, Custos Fidei Witty Commentary: Obama's Teleprompter Makes Demands - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Rprt

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