Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2006 Millstone & Devotion to Orthodoxy Awards Preview

The 2006 Millstone & Devotion to Orthodoxy Awards will become an annual event on this blog beginning later this year. I will be offering awards in multiple categories to recognize the good and bad of our Catholic faith in the United States and the rest of the world. The idea is to have some fun in mocking the bad in our faith as well as honoring the good. For example in the category of the Clerical Millstone, I will be considering priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, and other religious around the world that have led the faithful astray by their words and deeds. Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Brown come immediately to mind. The good of our faith would be in several categories such as the Clerical Devotion to Orthodox category where we have Cardinal Arinze and Cardinal Pell leading in that category so far. I will be recognizing both religious and laity throughout world. We need to clean our Catholic closet of those who do harm to our faith and children as well as recognize the good that deserve to be noted for their strong faith. Cowardice: Those leaders that willingly and knowingly revert to do nothing to fix blatant problems, or worse, cover up problems that go against Catholic teaching. Example - Bishop Grahamm of the Diocese of Dallas who covered up a sex scandal instead of defrocking the homosexual predator priest. Devotion to Orthodoxy: Those leaders that faithfully, with conviction, and without exception follow their faith despite the world around them with love and confidence. Example - The Bishop of Lincoln, NE who doesn’t cut corners of the faith. Martyr: Those leaders that die for their faith and/or because of their faith. Example - Father Andrea Santoro of Turkey who died celebrating Mass by a fanatical Muslim. Orthopraxy: Those leaders that is orthodox in their private faith but lack the will to lead in public. Example - Archbishop Flynn who is known to be orthodox but does nothing to fix the problems in his Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. Holiness: Those leaders that live the life of alter Christus. Example - Pope Benedict XVI. I will take suggestions, petitions, and any other advice that will assist me in recognizing those that are worthy (or worthless). Each category will have two awards, one for religious and one for the laity.


Matt said...

I nominate Peter Park for the holiness award. 3 kids under 3, can't get much holier than that!

Anonymous said...

I nominate Peter's wife, Sarah Park!! She a gave birth to the 3 children (not easy at all) who is willing to do it again, and is a loving stay-at-home mother striving for holiness when it's not fashionable for today's woman that society says must have a career outside the home!!!!

Anna B.

Matt said...

Amen Sister!

Tito said...

Peter & Sarah Park would be excellent candidates for the 'Holiness' award. Probably for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston area.

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