Monday, July 17, 2006

Denouncing Guilty White Liberal Multicultural Claptrap

Guilty-white-liberal is a name that I picked up years ago while reading Colin Powell's autobiography. Basically it is a white liberal who leads an amoral and empty life who is white. He hates himself and it manifests itself in rantings against his Christian upbringing. Anyways, one of the manifestations is that all religions (culture, same thing) are basically equal and the same and brings moral equivalency to two disparate points that are laughable. One of these manifestations is that of multiculturism. Where all cultures are force fed down our Judeo-Christian throats while ignoring (at best) and vilifying our own faith. This needs to stop and it stops by being proactive in educating ourselves and our children since the public school system and to a lesser extent the Catholic school system has done a poor job of it. (H/T relapsed catholic) For more on this article click here.


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