Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Law of Disproportionality

Todays Pic-of-the-Day. The European response to Israel defending themselves after Hezbollah invades and then sends rocket attacks on its civilian population.

(H/T Eurabian News (Spanish))

Eurabian News has some excellent photos of an anti-Semitic rally in Spain. It's amazing how all the nutjobs in Spain have come out since the pro-homosexual socialist Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero took over power when Spanish voters voted him into office on the 'surrender to Islam' platform after the 3/11 Atocha train bombings.

Click here for the anti-Semitic rally in Spain from Eurabian News.

Look below or click here for an excellent map of the scale of the Hezbollah-Israeli War.


AMDG said...

Thank you for reading us. I think that the use of the Pope with the crucifix is a little bit over the top.

"No hay que confundir a Judas con los pobres"... ni al Vaticano con la Iglesia Católica. Do not take Judas for a poor man, nor the Vatican for the Cat. Church.

Tito said...

Yes, the Pope being inserted there is over the top. Unfortunately many people can no longer distinguish between the Vatican secretary of state nor the Pope's personal feelings.

Matt said...

I don't see anything the pope has said which implies Israel is being disproportionate in it's response.

"I take advantage of the opportunity to reaffirm the right of the Lebanese to the integrity and sovereignty of their country, the right of Israelis to live in peace in their state, and the right of Palestinians to a free and sovereign homeland.

I feel, moreover, especially close to defenseless civilian populations, unjustly stricken in a conflict in which they are no more than victims: both those of Galilee, obliged to live in shelters, as well as the great multitude of Lebanese, who once more, see their country destroyed, and have to leave everything behind to try to save themselves in another place. "

Thanks for helping et the word out about the anti-semitism among the left wing in Spain, I posted on this recently as well, I can't wait for the next Spanish election and can only hope and pray that the Socialist Gov't gets the boot.

Tito said...

Zapatero looks like Mephisto in my opinion.

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