Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Ignorance of Senator Harkin

I believe that may be the harshest language I have ever used on my blog about anyone or anything. Well, Senator Ted Kennedy is an American idiot, that is without question and has been stated before on this blog. It is difficult for me to use such language on those that hold a special place of responsibility, but when one is Catholic and distorts or completely lies about his faith, I react. This is not an excuse, so I'll need to continue to pray for me and Senator Harkin. Nonetheless this draws attention to the ignorance of Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. He criticizes President Bush's veto by using history as his hammer to drive a point. Comparing the Pope and the Ayatollah is disgusting, but to incorrectly state history and compare it to what President Bush has done has shown the sheer ignorance of his faith, yes, our Catholic faith. For Senator Harkin is a Catholic, albeit, a cafeteria or nominal Catholic at best. For a senator that votes to allow doctors to kill babies that are 80% born is unfathomable, then to pull the morality card on President Bush by using incorrect history. . . No, a bigoted, ie, anti-Catholic view of history is disheartening. . . From a Catholic no less!!! To read the Catholic League's response to Senator Harkins ignorant use of history click here. The Catholic League is a religious and civil rights organization for Catholics. For their website click here.


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