Friday, July 21, 2006

Cohabitation has a 10% Success Rate

Basically it is a great arrangement for the guy to have noncommittal sex with his girlfriend. That's all that it's about. The girl is nothing more than an object. Of course, if I were wrong the success rate would have been hire maybe at least 30 or 40% success rate? Face it, the girl is the sucker in this arrangement. For the article click here.


Squawkbox said...

No doubt in my mind this is true. I tried living with a few women and the "relationships" inevitably fell apart. I have since learned that God created marriage for a reason and have been happily married for 11 years.

Sadly I have watched my daughter go from boyfreind to boyfriend. All I can do is love her and pray.

Tito said...

I'll pray for her, you, and your family as well.

The grace of God reaches us all. St. Monica prayed for decades until her son returned to the faithful. He became a doctor of the Church, St. Augustine.

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