Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Archbishop DiNardo Speaks to Young Adults at Café Catholica

Archbishop Daniel DiNardo spoke to a packed audience of Catholic young adults last night at Café Catholica. He was very engaging and quite knowledgeable of our Catholic faith. The topic he was speaking about was the Nicene & Apostle’s Creed. He referred to obedience several times regarding “I believe”. Anyways, I came away impressed with his photographic memory because of proficient recitings of the Bible from the Vulgate to Greek texts and explaining the subtleties between the different languages in reading the Bible. He seems to be very cultured and very orthodox in his Catholicism. Archbishop DiNardo concluded his speech and took questions from half a dozen Catholic young adults regarding the topic. To learn more about Café Catholica click here and here. For more information on his Excellency Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo click here.


Matt said...

While his presentation was quite orthodox theologically, well presented, and humorous... he did manage to say "genital" twice in the first five minutes of a discussion on the Credo... a little discomforting.

It's too bad that while the Bishop is clearly aware of proper rubrics in the mass, that he permits them to be violated in his own masses, and doesn't want to hear about it when priests of his diocese do either.

He also tiptoed around the question of eucharist for someone holding heretical beliefs or in a state of sin, I would have liked to hear him strongly announce a position in line with the Holy See.

Even though we're better off than many, we are in need of a true shepherd in this diocese also.

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