Thursday, July 6, 2006

St. Anne de Beaupre Church (Houston)

St. Anne de Beaupre Church here in Houston is a small parish situated just south of 610 North inside the loop (north of I-10). Today I felt that I should visit this small parish with a quaint rectory and parish hall.

I left this morning from my home and it took no more than 10 minutes on a leisurely walk to reach this small church. I arrived early enough to pray the Rosary before the weekday group of parishioners arrived for their daily recital of the Rosary, so you could say I got a special two for one since I wasn't expecting the group at all. I found out later that they meet 15 minutes prior to weekday Mass which the Mass conveniently starts at 7:00 am each day.

Mass was celebrated by Father Emmanuel Esukpa M.S.P. It was respectful and the congregation was quite lively in there hymns and responsorials. Mass promptly and reverently ended at 7:25 am.

The exterior of the church is made of a reddish brick and looks quite proper would be the best way to describe it. The interior has a protestant feel to it, which is a major downer in my book, but the windows are of beautiful stain glass. There are many statues and the Tabernacle was properly placed behind the altar. Well almost directly behind, but much better than most 'Catholic' churches here in Houston. The church has a nice rustic feel to it, very homely so to speak.

For those that commute to work on 610 North and attend daily Mass, St. Anne de Beaupre Church is very convenient to reach with a great time to attend, 7:00 am. Just take the Main Street exit, whether you are heading east or west, and head east on the frontage road until you reach Link road. You can't miss it. It takes only a minute or two to exit 610 North to reach this nice little church. St. Anne de Beaupre is located on 2810 Link Road. In fact you can see it off of 610 North heading east onto the 45 South exit on your righthandside.

Anyways, it's a nice little treasure of a church that is an easy walk from my home or any commuters heading to work.

For more information on St. Anne de Beaupre Church click here.

For an area map of St. Anne de Beaupre Church click here.


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