Saturday, July 22, 2006

Russian Orthodox Moves Towards the Vatican

In what I consider a major development, the Russian Orthodox Church in an Ordinary Synod held last week has voted to continue to dialogue with the Catholic Church. Engaging the Church on theology, Europe, and bioethics to name a few. The Orthodox church's are the only church's that are the closest with our Catholic faith. I can see a reunion of our ancient faiths within my lifetime more than I can say for any other denomination that the Catholic Church is in dialogue with.

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A reunion of the two faiths would truly be one of the greatest events in history, we are a few decades shy of the 1000 year anniversay of the Schism, I hope that by then all the gaps will be brideged.

Tito said...

God has a plan and I will pray for the best.

Moneybags said...

I know very little about the Orthodox faiths. How do our faith and theirs differ? I know that the Sacraments are invalid in protestant denominations (generally except Baptism). Are they valid in the Orthodox faith?

Gaufridus said...

The Orthodox church's are the only church's that are the closest with our Catholic faith.

The so-called "Orthodox" churches used to be in communion with Rome. However, they broke from that unity (i.e., became schismatic) and began espousing heretical doctrines, most prevalently by their denial of Papal Supremacy, but also their repudiation of the Filioque. It is a pretty big subject.

It would be great if the "Orthodox" returned to unity with Rome, but my opinion is that that wont happen until Our Lady's request at Fatima (i.e. that the Pope, in union with all the bishops of the world, consecrate Russia by name) is fulfilled.

Pax tecum

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