Friday, July 21, 2006

Can I Live by Nick Cannon

I first saw this music video a few months back on EWTN and was quite surprised at how well the lyrics explained Nick Cannons near death experience of nearly being aborted by his mother. You see, Nick Cannon was barely two months old when his mother entered an abortion mill to abort little Nick. In the end she decided not to (at the last possible moment) and today we have a twentysomething Nick Cannon celebrating that decision in his music video. The music video is a rap/hip hop genre, but don't worry, it's a G-rated video that is well done for all ages. You can click here for the lyrics. (H/T Stand Up and Speak Out) For the video click here. One more thing, I caught this video from Stand Up and Speak Out. Check out Katelyn's new design and web address of her blog!


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