Sunday, July 2, 2006

Anglican Communion Crackup

As many of you readers may already know, the Anglican Communion is inching painfully closer to a global schism. With the ECUSA, Episcopal Church USA, arrogantly appointing a female bishop as primate and ignoring Archbishop of Canterbury's overtures for homosexual restraint, it seems as if our separated brethren are on course for subdenominationalism. When centuries of Christian teaching states the intrinsically evil act of homosexual sex is to be condemned, then within a few short years a few Episcopalians in power decide to change dogma because of a few depraved souls, conflicts within the ECUSA will occur; with repercussions to be felt within the wider Anglican Communion. May God have mercy on our fallen and depraved separated brethren. For more about this fall from grace in the U.S. click here. For more about this fall from grace in the Canada click here.


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