Monday, July 10, 2006

Liberal Christianity

The MSM keeps telling the Catholic Church to get with the times and we (Catholics & the Catholic Church) are outdated and antiquated. We need to 'change' in order to be relevant. Well liberal Christianity has wrecked havoc on the mainstream Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church isn't having anything of that. With dropping congregations, lax teachings, and falling morals (if any), liberal Christianity will eventually be another political organization full of militant lesbians and guilty white liberals effeminate males, read 'metro-sexual'. They will be liberal militants like the ACLU and NOW while passing out condoms and abortificants during their 'worship service'. May God, errr, Sophia help them. (H/T Built On A Rock) For more from the Op Ed of the LA Times on the downfall of liberal Christianity click here.


Anonymous said...

"The 21-year-old Christ Church Episcopal in Plano, Texas, for example, is one of the largest Episcopal churches in the country. Its 2,200 worshipers on any given Sunday are about equal to the number of active Episcopalians in Jefferts Schori's entire Nevada diocese."

Does this writer have any idea that there are no poor people in Plano, Texas. It is the most affluent city in Texas. So yes, tithes would be higher there, but not because they "believe".

Tito said...

But there are more attendees there than the entire episcopal diocese of Nevada.

Matt said...

The article doesn't even mention tithes... did i miss something?

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