Thursday, July 20, 2006

Zapatero Seduced by Evil

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has thrown his lot with the devil that is Hezbollah, Hamas, and militant Islam by condemning Israeli use of force. Thus creating a moral equivalency by an Islamic terrorist organization such as Hezbollah that murdered 241 U.S. serviceman in a 1983 Beirut bombing blast. Here Zapatero is shown wearing the kaffiyeh, a Palestinian scarf, in solidarity with militant Islam. Prime Minister Zapatero has been seduced by the devil and has thrown his lot with evil. Among his other actions as Spain's Prime Minister is to sanctify homosexual marriage and in an act of disrespect stood up the Pope at a Mass for the Family. Hence today's Pic-of-the-Day. To read the article click here.


Geshcann said...

Zapatero is an incompetent one. It is incredible what it is doing with Spain… yields before the terrorists, makes reforms in Statutes of Autonomy that enormously harm Spain and the militants of the main opposition party are persecuted and stopped illegally… Greetings from Spain!

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