Sunday, July 16, 2006

The End of the Episcopal Church in America

First the ordination of an openly homosexual to a bishopric then the slap in the face to the Anglican Communion by elevating a woman to the primate position of the ECUSA. I can safely say that I won’t see the Anglican Church returning to the Catholic fold within my lifetime, and I plan to live to 125 God willing. Liberal Christianity, it’s hollow and unfulfilling. For more on the end of the Episcopal Church click here.


Moneybags said...

I can't believe I know two bloggers that are thinking about converting to the Angelican faith because of this! If I was Angelican, I would be running away.

Tito said...

Well, they'll be joining a shrinking faith. Soon it'll only be old perverted people left in that denomination.

Stella said...

Perhaps the closest of our brethren are now the Lutherans?
Hey,do the Anglicans consider the president the head of their church as those in England see the Queen as the Head of their church?

Tito said...

Not exactly. Only in England (and Wales) is the Queen the head of the Anglican Church. In the US they can do what they want and adhere to noone. But they take 'advice' from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

No allegience to President nor the Queen for the ECUSA.

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