Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Persecution Begins

Christians prayed in San Francisco's Castro district and got this warm reception.

With the recent hate crimes done by radical gays in the wake of Proposition 8, I'm very disturbed by what has been happening. I don't see any of this on the network news, but when I find this online it bothers me that the mainstream media doesn't cover this. It seems that the media is in the tank to force licentious behavior down the throats of Americans.

You can hear the gays yelling, "die! die! die!". Rod Dreher asks:

This is terrifying. This ought to be on the national news. If this were a Christian mob surrounding gay-rights campaigners, it certainly would be -- and should be, as no peaceful protester in this country should be subject to this threat. (And no, this wasn't a made- up thing: here's how a local SFO TV station covered it). Watch this, and tell me these people [Update: by which I mean the enraged activist core, not all gays -- RD.] aren't going to come against churches full force once they have the civil rights laws on their side: Tell me why Christians and others who oppose this mob don't have to fear. These people have no idea, no idea at all, what kind of response this kind of thing may call up. One of the members of the Christian group, which had been singing hymns in the street, tells of how they were assaulted with urine, and worse:

What the media covers and doesn't cover is the heart of bias.

(Biretta Tip: Creative Minority Report)


Fr. J. said...

Prepare for a new McCarthyism

Al said...

"It seems that the media is in the tank to force licentious behavior down the throats of Americans."

I don't hink you realized how accurately you really are about their agenda with the way you put this.

Anonymous said...

Is all this back and forth confrontation the right way to win hearts and minds? Or are we still trying to fight battles that God has already won because we are not satisfied with how He has gone about securing His victory?

Reminds me of the parades in Northern Ireland where Catholics walk through the Protestant neighborhoods and vice versa. The goals of such confrontations are most assuredly not prayer.

The reward of suffering the predictable irrational reactions to the provocation of angry opponents is that you end up with weapons in the propaganda war against "us" versus "them."

Even when, at a basic level, "us" is right and "them" is wrong. The root disease is the cycle of "us" versus "them." Not "them."

Can we get some mercy and forgiveness in here somewhere? Please?

Anonymous said...

What really bothers me about all these stories of Radical Grays is that no one points out the government connections!

We've seen all this before. Tunguska, Coyame, Kecksburg, Kodiak Island. These are hate crimes on a wide scale, and the government is covering them up!

And what's worse, our government, the USA government, might even be involved! Can you imagine all the horrible probing (I won't say what kind) that these government agencies (NSA CIA FBI and of course FEMA especially) are condoning!

We can't allow any further collusion with the Grays. As your video shows (BLESS YOU for posting this and making it public!!!!) we have to stand by our Ladder Day Saint Brothers when the Grays yell at them!



For the record, these Christians are Evangelicals not Catholics.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


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