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Motu Proprio Weekly Roundup for April 16

This week we have some stirrings of speculation from surprising secular, as well as Catholic, sources. Unfortunately they are only speculation, but I know many of you find them informative as I do. Though read very carefully of what I have to say about motu proprio leads five (5) through nine (9) down below. So here is this weeks roundup of news concerning the motu proprio leads number one (1) through nine (9)!: 1. Telegraph, April 16: The London Telegraph also has an article concerning the motu proprio. Granted the article is more about Pope Benedict XVI's style of leadership. The commentary by Catholic Herald editor Damian Thompson titled, "After a quiet and cautious start, major reforms are on their way", told of how non-confrontational his Holiness is. Mr. Thompson goes on to highlight how the 'liberals' in the hiearchy, especially in the United States, are already shaking in their boots after the release of Sacramentum Caritatus Because his Holiness strongly suggest to bring back the Gregorian chant at Mass as well as more Latin.
Last month, the Pope issued a magnificently well-written document, Sacramentum Carititatis, ignored by the English bishops, which contained explicit instructions about the greater use of Latin and plain chant. Soon, liberal bishops in Europe and America could find their loyalty really put to the test.
The very last paragraph finaly states a reference to impending doom for liberals, I mean, the release of the motu proprio.
Benedict is rumoured to be on the verge of removing restrictions on the celebration of the ancient Tridentine Rite, which liberals see as elitist. For two years, Catholics have wondered what sort of papacy this will turn out to be. Now they are about to find out.
For this article from the Telegraph click
2. TIME magazine, April 13: TIME magazine of all things secular has jumped on the motu proprio carnival of speculation and is predicting that 'in the coming weeks' that Pope Benedict XVI will allow greater use of the Tridentine rite Mass. Of course being a secular source TIME couldn't hold back on their misconceptions of the papacy and TIME's own liberal and secular leanings by admonishing the Pope for not allowing 'gays' in the seminaries. How appropriate that TIME decided to title this article, "A Step Backward for Pope Benedict". To think that TIME magazine would try to bother to get this correct is to much to hope for *sigh*. TIME go's on to treat Catholicism as if it were a democracy. Disparaging timeless Truth's of the Bible as if they could be improved upon and 'evolve' with the zeitgeist in Synods and council's proclaiming condoms for everyone and wives for poor and unsexed priests. TIME magazine go's on choking on it's own words that not only does Pope Benedict XVI wants to revive Christianity in Europe, but God forbid, a specific kind of Christianity, CATHOLICISM! The nerve of Pope Benedict XVI to think so 'narrow' mindedly.
In addition, Benedict professes a very specific kind of Christianity, one based not only on the teachings of Jesus, but on abiding by the letter of ancient Catholic Church traditions as the only effective bulwark against rampant relativism.
The article almost makes you want to laugh as you roll your eyes back (into your head ad nauseum). But the TIME article has provided some interesting information besides the motu proprio speculation. Apparently the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has 'privately advised' against liberalizing the use of the Tridentine mass. The current Prefect of the CDF is none other than the former archbishop of San Francisco the notorious and liberal William Cardinal Levada. For the TIME article click here.

3. California Catholic Daily, April 13: Nothing new here. The California Catholic Daily touches on George Cardinal Pell and Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone comments of the impending motu proprio. What is new is that some of the more unorthodox bishops in California such as Bishop Todd Brown has brought back the Tridentine rite Mass in his diocese in Orange county. For the California Catholic Daily article click here.

4. Musings of a Pertinacious Papist, April 14: Dr. Philip Bosser picks up on the motu proprio rumor postings from two weeks ago, but quietly agrees with RORATE CÆLI that regardless of the date and time, the release of the motu proprio will occur.

For the MOAPP posting click here.

And speaking of RORATE CÆLI, no roundup of motu proprio speculation would end without the obligatory RORATE CÆLI rumor posting, but they are probably false (read the very last posting of mine below):

5. RORATE CÆLI, April 14: Straight from the horses mouth, "The Holy Father presided over an unannounced meeting with the heads of dicasteries of the Roman Curia this morning."

For the RORATE CÆLI posting click here.

6-9. OFF THE RECORD,, New Liturgical Movement, and LA Catholic, have commented on the very same posting that RORATE CÆLI did.

Not wanting to burst any one's bubble, but the alleged motu proprio rumor in leads number five (5) through nine (9) are false alarms. So says G. Thomas Fitzpatrick over at Recta Ratio as he quotes a commenter from New Liturgical Movements thread on the motu proprio as follows:

According to the German News of Radio Vatican, Fr. Lombardi (the Holy See's spokesman) said the only topic of the meeting was the situation of the Church in Latin America with regard to the Papal visit to Brazil from 5 to 14 May.

So you could possibly disregard that 'impromptu' meeting between the Holy Father and the head of the dicasteries about the motu proprio as FALSE. IF what that commenter is saying is true, no offense towards New Catholic, Phil Lawler, Dom, Shawn Tribe, and Quintero for pointing the fore mentioned.

For the Recta Ratio posting click here.

UPDATED: OK, I'm done making anymore commentary about the impromptu meeting after reading on the Catholic News Agency this link.


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